The One Where Bill Burned….


…..and it was good! It was one of my favorite scenes. I am just going to hit the highlights this time around so let’s go!


PROS: Lafayette and Lafayette only. I could care less about these story lines as they bore me to sleep. I would have went for my potty break had LA LA not been in the scene.

CONS: So many but for starters watching the weres get naked and shift….yet again. Rinse…later…repeat! See the pattern! The VUS is boring and needs to go pronto!

Anybody else want to slap Rikki for yelling at a child! *HANDS UP* I wanted to bitch slap her into Neverland!


PROS: Anything that comes out of her mouth is classic and a laugh is guaranteed from her!

CONS: The thought that Eric would even give her the time of day!


It was nice to see Sarah again but I do wonder how long it will be before I wish she would just leave again.

PROS: The banter between ex-husband and wife was awesome and Steve is sweating a bit!

CONS: The fact that Steve would sell out the Viking to the mad scientist! I am not surprised by this action of Steve but I really did yell out WIMP!


Trustworthy? I think not!

Neither Pro nor Con: I just do not trust these two as far as I can throw them. Ben has been looking for the portal to the fairy club all night and just happens to stumble upon Niall leaving the portal of said club. It was all too suspicious to me. Niall, after lecturing Jason about telling his business to a perfect stranger, does the same with Ben and he trusts him to help look after Sookie.

Bill 2.0

Ben bowing down because he realizes that Niall is the King of Fairies and he just happens to know about Warlow. I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E and I want the Viking to come kick his ass!


Andy’s daughters have grown up fast since the last time Holly saw them, two nights ago!

PROS: It looks like Holly and Andy might be hooking up again soon, Andy does deserve to be happy.

CONS: Andy has not named his kids yet, he just goes by numbers! Come on Andy, I know this is overwhelming for you but man up and name them already. I am not sure Holly can handle her maybe stepchildren knowing her thoughts but it sure would be funny!


There are not pros and cons here either, this is one of the most twisted relationships on True Blood. Jessica should have ran for the hills as soon as she saw her maker drain a woman with his mind or even before that when he survived a staking. Hell,even before that, when he slapped her into next Sunday. IMO, She deserves what she gets as far as I am concerned.

Wait, there was one PRO: Bill Burning! You are not God Bill, your just an asshole!

and I laughed just like this…….

Jessica dressed up like this, well because Bill told her to and she would do anything to help her maker.


PROS: They seem to be growing closer than ever and sticking up for each other. Despite being hurt and continuing to suffer horrible headaches, he rushes to defend her and Sookie does the same!

CONS:They may be there for each other but I am afraid something is going to happen to Jason and it will send Sookie over the edge. Niall seems to only care about Sookie and is willing to let Jason go unprotected.


I sure hope so because it has grown tiresome! After failing to NOT burn in the sun, he goes to Sookie’s house to make her come with him so he can synthesize her blood to save his fellow vampires because they are his progeny don’t ya know? He forces his way in the house and hurts poor Jason even more than he already is by pinning him to the wall.

PROS: She throws a plate at him and calls him an asshole and she will not be giving him any blood. When he says she is dead to him, well our girl Sook is okay with that.

I was asked why she didn’t give him the blood he asked/demanded of her since it would help vampires she cares about. Here is the thing, she is tired of people wanting her for her blood. Her blood is the reason he came to Bon Temps in the first place so his demanding it was just a bitter reminder of that fact. Where does it end? If she gave it to him, he would just want more and more because it would take a while to synthesize it’s properties and get it right.

She was right to say no, she is drawing a line between what is acceptable and what is not. She also cannot believe what he is saying because in her eyes, the Bill she knew died, she saw it happen so she is not going to believe a word this THING tells her and rightly so! I say about damn time!

CONS: While Sookie may have her brother and her Grandpappy Niall to protect her, it is not much solace since Bill plays by his own set of rule now and can come and go at her place any time he sees fit. No one told Grandpappy about this!


I know the opening scene was disturbing to some especially when he said “tear you apart here” and I get it,I truly do. This scene served it’s purpose which was to scare her shitless and it worked. It is of my opinion that he used his seduction and scare tactic talents to illicit a certain response from her and it worked like a charm.

PROS: The Viking is back and the timing could not have been better. He is back to his take no shit mentality and is not (so far anyway) bowing down to the likes of the walking tampon. This is how I like my Viking and I hope he is here to stay. There is nothing hotter than a Viking laying in his luxury coffin and licking his blood off someone’s finger!

CONS: Everyone lost their shit on tumblr over this scene and should have been sent to the penalty box for simply annoying me. When TV Guide had a poll about who was the best suitor for Sookie, Ben ‘the total stranger’ Flynn was beating out the Viking as top suitor. I give the lot of them two minutes for annoyance and a five minute major for betrayal and a ten minute misconduct (almost a game misconduct) for tripping!

While they were loosing their shit, I was doing my happy dance for my Viking was back and better than ever!

Well,that is my two cents for what they are worth. Any thoughts and opinions of your own, share them below!

6 thoughts on “The One Where Bill Burned….

    1. Anonymous

      That by far is the best synopsis of the BonTemps happenings I’ve ever read. It was like Sookie hearing my thoughts and posting them…Keep em coming, I like it! I am a truebieholic and officially acknowledge that here.

  1. esw45

    Great recap Nymerias, Yes Eric was great! He has been great these first three episodes …..Sookie and Bill has been over for awhile but when she staked him that told us that she thinks that the Bill she knew was dead to her. The TV Guide poll was crazy Ben is Warlow so all those folks voting for him over Eric who clearly loves her is ridiculous and shows how stupid a lot of these people placing there votes are ….I suspect a good portion of them are Bill fans because he only got about three percent which is way low for him so I believe they voted for Ben just to not be for Eric.

    1. Nymerias Post author

      If it was the Bill fans that voted for Ben then they will need to eat crow! I am not so sure that they trust Ben either so it is weird where those votes came from.

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