US Weekly True Blood Season 6 Featured in Look at This



The June 10, 2013 issue of US Weekly featured the photo above showing Rutina Wesley,  Anna Paquin, and Lucy Griffiths in a scene for True Blood’s season 6. It was part of their “Look at This” column in the magazine.

The article states: Where we left off:  High on Lilith’s blood, vamp Bill declared war on the living.

Identity Crisis: “Is he Bill? Is he a vampire god? queries coexec producer Angela Robinson, adding, “There’s hope for him.” Bill’s ex Sookie tries to appeal to his benevolent side….

Getting Busy….adn still finds time to date! Hints Robinson, “She may have a new love interest.” Signs point to fellow faerie Ben (Rob Kazinsky). Meanwhile Tara and Pam find their lusty romance complicated.

Crackdown When the Louisiana governor (Arliss Howard) cuts vamp rights, says Robinson, a defiant Eric “pays dearly”.

Waiting sucks for the new season but it is almost here! The same magazine also featured a   write up and photo from Alex’s film “The East”.


2 thoughts on “US Weekly True Blood Season 6 Featured in Look at This

  1. nymerias

    As I said on the ESL blog,there is a difference between when they all seemed high after drinking a bit of Lilith’s blood and drinking the whole thing down in one swallow. Goo will always mean death to me.

    1. admin Post author

      Amen!! Agree completely. I remember also discussing how a certain vampire was ‘pretending’ to believe in the Lillith stuff to keep safe and had a plan. Oh yah. That plan included locking up his progeny, killing a vamp lover (and a few other vamps) and then drinking the whole vial of Lillith blood. When they were high on a small amount of the blood it was like a drug high.

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