New True Blood Season Six Trailer Screencaps No One Lives Forever

TBS6promo015Huge thanks to nymerias for posting the new True Blood trailer for me! Here are the screencaps! Lots of action in this video. Waiting sucks but the new season will be here on June 16! I spy some of the footage I saw them filming back in January and February!! SPOILERS in the caps!!


We see perhaps Warlow entering a portal into Bon Temps bridge where Sookie’s parents were killed:


We have a glimpse of Niall teaching Sookie how to use her powers:TBS6promo068 TBS6promo069

Also looks like Ben is getting very well aquainted with Miss Stackhouse!


Bill does seem to have a bit of a “god complex”. (Sookie is quite surprised about this)


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2 thoughts on “New True Blood Season Six Trailer Screencaps No One Lives Forever

  1. Logic

    OMG! Wow, it has definitely got me excited for the season!

    Is Bill standing in daylight with his arms out??

    To me it looks like Jessica may end up being a billith follower, there was something creepy by the way they were holding each other…

    Eric and Bill showdown!! ahhhh!!! You can see Eric holding a stake but billith is very strong now, hope that doesnt turn out badly for either vamp…

    Lafayette drowning Sookie?? yikes!!

  2. arrr

    OK here we are.That it’s not the same night sookie”s parents where killed bc 2 facts.The guy has bear and on the flashback he donnesn’t have one and it was raining.Now it wasn’t
    it’ss the same bridge where jason contronts nora with the shotgun
    Another tip there is a shot where sookie is leaving bill’s house and then you could frame it there is bilith with a white t-shirt (the one he confronts eri) siting outside on a chair;)
    Also nora is shot in a frame of the promo that’s why eric goes to the human’s facility .On imdb requires a stunt for nora griffing at episode 4…That’s the scene where she get captured so 4 episodes till there and probably at episode 5 they go there.Damn that looks like half season already and I haven’t seen it lol

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