Cover Art for Sookie Stackhouse Coda “After Dead” Book Revealed


The cover art for the Coda book “After Dead” was revealed on Amazon. (huge thanks to DB for the link and info). The Coda will be released after the final Sookie Stackhouse book and as the cover art shows “what came next in the world of Sookie Stackhouse”.

In the prior post on the coda book the following was already revealed:

The end papers for the final book :

Charlaine Harris posted a bit of news related to the coda which will be released after “Dead Ever After””

I hope a lot of you read this thread today, because I’ve chosen it to make a little announcement. I just saw the cover for “After Dead,” which is the coda to the Sookie books. My publisher decided to publish it before Christmas in a separate volume. It will be a slim book containing what happens AFTER “DEA” to many of the characters I’ve created over the years. And Lisa is drawing a Sookie alphabet for the book. There are several other features under consideration for this volume, which is intended as a stocking stuffer. I’ll post more when I know it.

Here’s what Charlaine wrote earlier re. the coda:

6915 Maker 2012-09-17 11:24:  I just finished writing the Coda, which will comprise the futures of many of the important characters in the Sookieverse. I can’t possibly cram all of them into the last book. We’re still deciding how and when to make the Coda public.


Amazon has the coda already available on their site. Not a lot of information of yet

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