Sam Trammell Talks “White Rabbit”


Scene Weekly has an interview with True Blood’s Sam Trammell talking about “White Rabbit”


Sam Trammell’s Louisiana roots hold strong. Trammell prides himself on being the only Louisiana native on HBO’s True Blood, where he portrays shape shifting bar owner Sam Merlotte.  The show takes place and is partly filmed in Louisiana.

“I feel very connected to the show because of that,” he said. “I know the people.”

Born in New Orleans,Trammell and his family movedaround quite a bit throughout hischildhood. They spent a few yearsin Texas and North Dakota before moving back to the Big Easy for Trammell’s first few years of primary school. Then it was off to Alexandria for two years. Trammell’s father, a surgeon, eventually set up a practice in Charleston, West Virginia, where Trammell spent his middle and high school years. He attended Brown University in Rhode Island, spent a year at the University of Paris, and finally ended up in New York where he began a career in theatre. He lived there for about ten years before settling in Los Angeles, where he currently resides helped Trammell form part of his character for the upcoming film White Rabbit.

“There were a lot of little bits and pieces I used to put this guy together,” said Trammell. “When I was young and playing little league, just some men that I knew when I was a little bit younger kind of started to trickle over me. There’s that feeling, that southern feeling, that I grew up with, and of course that’s a big part of who he is.”

In White Rabbit, Trammell plays the father of the film’s main character, a troubled teen named Harlon who uses comic books to escape from reality, also suffering from hallucinations. These visions begin when Trammell’s character takes his boy hunting and shoots a white rabbit. Instead of killing it he leaves the animal lying there to suffer.

The character is rural and uneducated, an alcoholic and drug addict. Trammell spent a lot of time researching crystal meth and how it affects those who are addicted and their families.

“You hallucinate on meth as well, so I was hallucinating in my own way in a couple of scenes,” he said. “I had to look at drug users. And then, he’s also an alcoholic. And he’s born again, so there are a lot of different facets to him that I sort of fused together.”


“I think it will be pretty controversial,” Trammell said of the film. “It’s got some really nice humor in it as well, but it’s a pretty dark story.” Almost all of White Rabbit was shot in LaPlace. Filming wrapped less than two weeks before Hurricane Isaac struck, and some of the film’s locations flooded shortly after. “I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even read it, my father told me. We shot a lot of stuff out there,” Trammell said. “We were out in the woods, we were in a church, we were at somebody’s house. We were out there a lot.” Isaac did not affect the film, which is currently in post-production and looking at a 2013 release date. If Trammell’s attitude toward White Rabbit is any indicator, then we definitely have something to look forward to. “It’s going to be incredible,” says Trammell. “I have to say, it was one of my favorite parts that I’ve ever done.”


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