True Blood Season 6 Casting News

TV Line posted the following casting news. Sounds like a new love interest for Sookie???

Move over, Bill. And Eric. And Alcide. There’s a new man in Sookie’s life — and he’s putting down stakes in Bon Temps. True Blood has tapped  English actor Rob Kazinsky (EastEnders) to join the Season 6 cast as a series regular, TVLine has learned. Kazinsky — whose biggest TV credit stateside was an arc on Brothers & Sisters — will play Ben, a highly charismatic faerie who takes a liking to Sookie (and vice-versa) and helps Sookie and Jason delve deeper into the mystery of their parents’ murders. This marks True Blood‘s second major Season 6 hire. As TVLine reported last month, acting vet Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) has also come on board in the series regular role of Macklyn, a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason. True Blood‘s sixth season is slated to premiere in June.


UPDATE:  the casting call for this character was posted on the site on  10/4/12:  link here:

Season six will introduce us to several new characters, including Ben, a new series regular, a low-key Southern guy who will be getting close to Sookie. However, this charming and handsome dude’s dark side is, like, super dark. We’ll also meet the governor of Texas, a Rick Perry-type who is a warmonger, and his daughter, who is pretty and originally comes off as fearful, but will prove to be quite tough. Both will recur throughout the season.

So what do you think about this new character??

10 thoughts on “True Blood Season 6 Casting News

  1. jackie

    Season 6 is going to be a total SUPRISE. I am looking forward to it and hope my beloved Eric has tons of screen time. I still think if were are going to have faries we need Nialll and David Bowie should be cast in that role.

  2. Christine Dahl

    WAIT!!!! Nial is her great great grandfather. This guy is supposed to be someone called “Ben” or so I read. He’s DEFINITELY not in the books. I’ve read them all about 10 times now (yea I really really like the books). I’ve been really disappointed that the HOB series has strayed so far from the books!!! But a really sweet friend of mine started this behavior she said that she no longer looks at True Blood being part of the books, she looks at it as being a separate concept. And I have had to start doing that or I get really angry. I love the books SO much. For anyone who’s read the books Tara becoming a vampire is NOT gonna happen. And I guess she is in the series. We moved and I no longer get HBO. Very sad it went so different. But I still love it!

  3. esw46

    This character sounds like a lochlan type of faery which means he will be bad and probably Eric and Sookie will get together by the end of the season but the writers love drama and making it hard for these two to get together but I see it happening …..Rutger Hauger being Warlow is gonna be good …

  4. deedee

    Soooo excited , he was fab in eastenders over here (UK) . Love Rob glad he’ll be back on our screens . I do wished theyd stick more to the books and keep Sookie and Eric together

  5. Shelli

    I’m not looking forward next season. I want to cancel HBO after I watched Game of Thrones. I’m really upset at the Damn True Blood writers & I have a enough of playing around. They promised us eric & sookie,but they broke promise. They thrown this ben guy into Sookie’s luv life & she have a lot of stuff to take of.

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