True Blood Casting News Season 6

TV Line reported a new addition to the True Blood cast. SPOILER ALERT Don’t peek if you don’t want to know:

True Blood has made its first major Season 6 hire, and it’s pretty bloody fangtastic. Acting vet Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) is joining the HBO smash as a series regular, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Hauer will play Macklyn, a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason.

Hauer is well known for his portrayal of Blade Runner‘s Roy Batty, a renegade robot trying to evade capture in Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi film. But the Dutch actor has a varied resume that includes parts in movies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman Begins and Sin City and guest roles in TV’s Smallville and Alias. In 1988, he won a Golden Globe for his work in the TV movie Escape From Sobibor.


So what do you think about this new addition to the show? Could he be playing the mysterious “Warlow”? The contract when read said it was M. Warlow. Does the M stand for Macklyn? At first when I saw the casting I thought he might be cast as Niall but now I’m thinking he might be Warlow. Waiting sucks!

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