True Blood Season 5 Finale New Image: Vampire Nora

True Blood season 5 finale will air this upcoming Sunday. Many are wondering just what will fans see in the finale. There are quite a few story lines that need to be tied up and hopefully resolved on Sunday.

The image above is of Nora Gainsborough showing her looking over her shoulder. What is she seeing? The location of this image appears to be at The Authority. Perhaps Nora is on her way to help get Pam and Jessica out of the jail there while Eric and Sookie are trying to talk some sense into Bill? Is Nora stopped by another vampire? Too many questions come to mind. Hopefully the finale will finally answer a lot of the questions fans have had this seaon (and not leave us waiting for season 6 with a lot more questions)

UPDATE: I’m wondering now if perhaps Nora might be at Fangtasia’s? Maybe Eric takes her there after leaving the Authority. The background reminded me of the basement-image below is from episode 5.11 “Sunset”. The area to the left has similar coloring.


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