True Blood Episode 55 Speculations In the Beginning

The upcoming episode will pick up right where we left off in 5.06 “Hopeless”. The promos have teased what will happen. The episode description below gives another “taste” for fans to expect more action and just hope that it will all start to make sense!

SUNDAY, JULY 22nd “In The Beginning”
(Written by Brian Buckner; directed by Michael Ruscio.)

Salome reveals her true allegiances.

Bill and Eric get a powerful taste of sacred blood.

A revelation at Hot Wings causes Sookie to wonder what her life would be like without faerie powers and Sookie embraces her human side.

Hoyt finds camaraderie in a new group of friends;

Alcide prepares for the worst in his face-off with J.D.; Andy attempts to reconnect with Bud; Lafayette finds an unlikely ally searching for Jesus’ body in Mexico;

Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) pays Tara a visit; Arlene takes a sentimental journey as her concerns for Terry deepen.

The casting call for this episode also hints that we will finally meet a certain “Lil”. Although she has no lines in this episode it sounds like she will make a big ‘splash’ on the show. This might very well be the “Lillith” that the Authority has been mentioning and Nora has been praying to on the show.

Casting call for episode 5.07 :

Episode #5.07 , In the Beginning

[SWEETIE] Female, Caucasian. About 30, she is a large woman who’s having a noontime romance with an older married man…RECURRING

[TYRESE] A beer-drinking, pizza-loving African-American man in his late 20s, Tyrese is another member of the trashy, low-rent anti-vampire hate group…POSSIBLE RECURRING

[BLACK OPS VAMP] Late 20s to early 30s, a Black Ops Vampire, he/she is involved in a mission to capture a prisoner…CO-STAR

[REVEREND SKINNER] Male, 40s to 50s. This minister is seen on video, performing a marriage ceremony…Co-STAR

[BRIDE-TO-BE] Female, 20s, Caucasian. A bride-to-be at a big Southern wedding, she’s attending a karaoke party after the rehearsal dinner, and sings “You Light Up My Life” to her groom, until she’s interrupted…CO-STAR

[GROOM’S MOTHER] Caucasian, mid to late 40s. The mother of the groom, she also attends the karaoke party after the wedding rehearsal, and recognizes an uninvited guest…CO-STAR [SECURITY GUARD] This security guard in charge of protection announces an unexpected visitor, and later snaps into almost-action, awaiting orders…CO-STAR

[LIL] Female, early to late 20s, Caucasian. She’s supermodel beautiful. Strong and ethereal…no lines in the first episode. FULL FRONTAL NUDITY REQUIRED. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. RECURRING (Pretty sure this is the “Lillith” mentioned many times so far this season. The first “Vampire”)

The screen caps for this episode will be on this page on the site: True Blood episode 5.07 screen cap images

A few questions I have are how will they explain Sookie being half fairy? Another interesting screen cap shows Russell with the weres below. As Alcide said “it’s Jackson all over again”.

So the humans will have to contend with Russell and weres.

Also- why is Jason holding a gun on Jessica below? (is it Jessica?)

The screen cap below shows Eric Northman also wondering what will happen. (not really just think he found something out that has him puzzled perhaps)

Not sure if we will see the return of a certain maker who met the sun seasons ago in the next episode (Or the one after) I can’t wait to see him back. Pretty sure he will be there to help Eric regain control over a bad situation. So what do you think will happen in the upcoming episode? What surprises do you think the writers have in store for us?

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