True Blood Season 5 Look Ahead Comic Con Trailer

True Blood video “Weeks Ahead” for season 5: In the cap above we finally see the “Manson” like vampire mentioned in the casting call.

This video was shown to fans during the True Blood panel at Comic Con. There is a lot of action in this video. It contains footage from the episode that aired on Sunday for episode 5.06. SPOILERS!!!
We see Bill and Russell and Eric crashing a party and it does not bode well for the humans there!
Godric visits Eric perhaps to have him regain control and stop feeding on the humans. (love seeing Godric again!)
Plus a lot of new scenes including the “Zorro” vampire (he’s wearing a cape like the one Zorro had on. Looks like that vampire was responsible perhaps for the death of the Stackhouse family. Really all for a bloody bandaid? Looks like the vampire could be Roman or perhaps Bill? He was keeping tabs on Sookie before the Queen ordered him. (a guilty conscience perhaps?)

Photo credit: ©2012 HBO Skarsgardfans

Another interesting item was seeing Lafayette with his mouth sewn shut? Looks like Don Bartolo was the one who has Jesus’ head and Lala is in trouble now!:

Photo Credit: ©2012 HBO Skarsgardfans

The gallery below has the screen caps:

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10 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Look Ahead Comic Con Trailer

  1. Karen

    OMG…is that Bill in the cape on the bridge? I would think Russell BUT it looks kind of like Bill’s nose and chin. Also, what is going on with Jessica in the closet? I think Steve Newlin and Russell may become an item. What do you think?

    1. admin Post author

      The facial structure looks like Roman or Bill. Could even be that creepy vampire sitting on the Throne in Fangtasia’s. OH and definitely Russell and Newlin will be an item. They fall in love over a body they are sharing in a feeding I believe. Thanks for the visit!!

  2. Melind aZombie

    I dont believe it is Bill that killed the Stackhouses. Looking at him from the side view, that is not how Bill stands, nor Roman. There are many other vampires we have met along the past 5 years…. Jessica is captured somehow, I wonder who will come to her rescue. Maybe Hoyt for rejecting her, goes crazy and silvers her and locks her up? that’d be crazy cool. Looks like Sook and Bill hook back up.

    1. leif

      Sookie doesn’t seem to be enjoying the “hookup” with Bill at all.
      Bill seems to be looking very aggressive and Sookie looks afraid.
      Maybe Bill is in a religious frenzy or it’s a nightmare Sookie is having?
      I hope Bill doesn’t hurt her or is doing this against her will.

      1. admin Post author

        It looks like a dream to me for some reason. It might be part of the repressed memory she seems to recover at some point. The look on her face in one of the caps seems to be a realization of some kind. Yah the hookup does not look very tender at all!!

        1. toni

          I think Jason’s dreams are the hint to this also being a dream. The vamp is sort of hunched over, fingers crossed it isnt Ike or Marcellus (doesnt look like them) and the rumors are just to get shipper panties in a bunch. Thanks B, I appreciate your work for all of us, but you know that.

          1. admin Post author

            Aww thanks! Yah I know I whine a lot lol especially during the con and after. Yah it kinda also looks like Elijah to me. I have some caps comparing the mouth. Can’t wait to find out!

    2. taim

      the trailers are always misleading, I don’t think its bill, otherwise the writers would just make the fans mad again. I think its some random vampire or a dream, is that really bills back? I don’t think so,.

  3. laura

    Does Eric go batshit in Merlottes!? The ‘Happy Hour’ sign behind him, and then Godric – in all his shiny God-like glory – sat in a red booth in front of him… And is that Sookie on the table with Eric leaning over her?
    Brilliant caps as always B – thanks a mill! 🙂

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