True Blood Conjuring Up Season 4 Promo

HBO will air a promo with the cast of True Blood on May 27, 2012. Video below shows cast and scenes from Season 4 of True Blood. They are “conjuring up” season 4 before airing season 5 premiere on June 10, 2012.

Gallery of screencaps:

[nggallery id=392]

HBO also recently tweeted that they will show some season 5 scenes tonight.

Screencap from new version of Everything At Stake promo aired on NBC

(not sure if this is a typo or if they are showing the different version of “Everything at Stake” promo) Screencaps for that promo are on these links: Everything at Stake version 2  aired on NBC. Everything at Stake HBO version

UPDATE: here’s the video from HBO on the “conjuring up season 4” with the scenes that aired tonight from season 4:

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