True Blood Season 5 Location Filming Pix Healing Time

True Blood is busy filming for season 5. This week they revisited a prior location to film. SPOILERS- don’t look unless you want a bit of spoiling!! Click on READ MORE:

The former hospital in southern California was also used for season 3 episode 7. Sookie was brought to the “Monroe, La” hospital to recover after being drained by Vampire Bill (in the back of the van). I was able to get some photos 4/1/10 of the filming for season 3 link here has the photo gallery:

The screen caps below are from season 3 episode 7 showing the interior of the hospital. They were seen filming in a different room this time but the layouts are still similar.

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The actual hospital is not in Monroe Louisiana but in California. This same hospital has been used in many films and TV shows. Criminal Minds is filming at the same location once True Blood finishes their filming.

The filming was all interior shots. We could see many extras on set in hospital garb-doctors, nurses, patients and paramedics were on hand.

True Blood filming 3/20/12

The real heros of the show who put together all the gear and sets that make the magic for fans (here shown assembling a gurney):

The extras:

The extras seen in hospital wear and paramedic uniforms.

The front door:

The chapel:

So now the big question is which True Blood character is in need of “healing” this time for season 5? Waiting sucks! Yes I have a pretty good idea of who is the patient but do not wish to ruin it for fans. Waiting sucks!

The gallery below has the rest of the photos I was able to get from the location.

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20 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Location Filming Pix Healing Time

  1. Carona

    thanks so much for sharing i love the show can`t wait to see it and the handsome and talented Alexander keep up the good work keeping us informed of all the latest news you are the best

  2. yaying

    thanks for the spoilers i really appreciatte they’ve been so secretive about it.seems we got lame season 3 quality.I hope they take care of anna’s make up as season 2,1…Bc the crying didn’t help

  3. Devon

    “Yes I have a pretty good idea of who is the patient but do not wish to ruin it for fans.”

    Sookie? I’d love to know if I’m right. It would definitely jive with the situation I’ve got going on in my head.

        1. admin Post author

          Ok now I heard that Sam was on set today! Figures we missed him. Also heard that Anna P was there as well. Tomorrow they are supposed to be filming at one of the big ranches. Sounds like there might be some big were action??

      1. yaying

        hi could tell us at least how was anna’s wardrobe?I mean I would love to know if they taking care of sookie’s wradrope and make up bc it seems they aren’t .I mean at the finale of season 4 was awefull .I miss how they used to dress her like season 1.Now seems they are only taking care of pam eric or jessica or tara..
        thanks anyway 😉

        1. admin Post author

          Wish I could say what Anna was wearing but I was not there the day she was seen on the set. (I was there the day earlier figures!). The person tweeted that they met Sam and Anna and was able to get a True Blood item autographed by them. Thanks for visiting!

    1. admin Post author

      LOL..yah know I’m a big teaser!! That and I really don’t want them mad at me! They work really hard on the show and I just don’t want to ruin it for all the fans this early on. When the air date gets closer I’m sure I’ll be ready to spill (and probably will have some promos as back up by then!)

  4. Karen

    So happy you are getting lots of visits and comments. I had to visit your site today after seeing last night’s teaser before Game of Thrones. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, BUT it is very hard when I see your great shots of TB filming. Thanks for having such a great site for AS fans!

    1. admin Post author

      So glad you like the photos!! I try not to do huge spoilers but I know it’s hard to resist them! At least we have a new trailer with new scenes to enjoy! thanks again!

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