Charlaine Harris Joins Sleuthfest

The Orlando Sentinel spoke with Charlaine Harris. Hal Boedeker was able to get a few things cleared up in his phone interview with Ms. Harris: (yes they talked about True Blood of course!)


Charlaine Harris will be attending “Sleuthfest” in Orlando, Florida. Sleuthfest  is an annual conference , sponsored by the Florida chapter of Mystery Writers of America. Charlaine will be the main luncheon speaker on 3/3/12.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

You’re very prolific. What’s your secret?

It’s my job. This is what I sit down and do every day. I’ve been doing this 33 years. I work mostly in the morning, some in the afternoon. It’s a great day if I get eight pages, but now there are a lot more demands on my time than in previous years. I do a lot of interviews. I talk to my agents. Very frequently I have to answer queries from my publisher. I always visit my website [] and answer questions. It just never seems to end. This is a great problem to have.

What has “True Blood” done for your career?

The Sookie Stackhouse novels were selling well before the TV show, but the TV show led to a lot more exposure and readers. And a lot went on to read my other work. It was a wonderful thing for my bank account.

What have you gotten to do because of the show?

So many things. I’ve been on the show and done personal appearances with the cast. It’s like a different world and one I never thought I’d ever have a part in. I go to an industry party and feel like the raggedy cousin.

Can you give a preview of the latest book, “Deadlocked,” the 12th book right? (It will be released May 1.)

It is the next-to-the-last book, which gives it a bit of heft. It’s about tying up some threads in this long-running series and answering questions that readers have had. There’s new action, but there are decisions made about older issues in the books.

The next section I found very interesting (Great to hear Charlaine speak of her creation)

The TV series has benefited from the tensions between vampires Bill and Eric. How central is that to your story?

They [the actors] are wonderful, but the story is very different from my story. It was never a Bill vs. Eric situation in my mind.

How has Sookie changed over time? Is she more fun write these days?

I don’t write Anna Paquin, I write Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie is always a lot of fun to write. She’s growing, changing, She’s very strong. She’s a girl girl. She’d be OK on her own without a guy. She’d like to have a relationship. It’s not necessary to her happiness.

Are you happy with the decisions “True Blood” executive producerAlan Ball has made?

Certainly I’ve had thoughts about that. I’m very fond of Alan. I think he’s a genius. He’s made good decisions for television. He’s not consciously trying to imitate the books. That would be boring for him and boring for me. If I knew what was going to happen, why would I watch? Viewers and readers are getting two experiences.

He is described as the creator, but I think of you as the creator.

I am the creator. When I’m on the set they call me the Maker. But he’s the creator of that world visually, no doubt about it. It all came from his brain and his talent for hiring the right people for the right jobs.

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