Alexander Skarsgard Photos NASDAQ Bell Ringing in NYC

A very lucky fan who took some great photographs of Alexander Skarsgard when he was in New York City to ring the Nasdaq opening bell published the rest of her photos. (the image above is one of my favorite ones!) Huge thanks to M-brushfire fairy for the great images. Her blog is called charity4suckers and she is on a mission to create change one blood sucker at a time. (she donates money to the charities of the fave cast who play vampires). Her blog post was called “operation bucket list! My trip to NYC to see Alexander Skarsgard @Nasdaq. So happy she got to see him and yes she got some great photos!!

SOURCE:  There are larger images and more on the source site. Again a huge thanks to M!!

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    1. admin Post author

      Oh you are very welcome but it is I who must thank you so much for sharing these amazing images!! You got some great photos of Alex and it was so nice of you to share them!! So happy you got to see him that day. Thank you also for all the charity support you have been doing!! Thanks so much!

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