True Blood Season 5 Filming Spoilers Episode 5×03


True Blood production trucks were set up outside a market and a home in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles today. The filming inside the market was earlier in the morning and the crew moved from that location to the home a few blocks away. The filming was for episode 5.03 “Whatever I am, You Made Me”.

According to the production call sheet, the filming at the market had Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten)  running into Miss Steeler (played by Melissa Page Hamilton). Their meeting led them to go to Miss Steeler’s home to “rekindle” a romance perhaps. The images below are from the filming today 1/24/12. Waiting sucks but the little bits of news help make the wait less painful!

On my walk back to my car I was able to catch a glimpse of Ryan Kwanten (shirtless) leaving the house being used for filming:


For fans and other sites who wish to download the full resolution images please click on the slide show below:  CLICK ON READ MORE For full gallery :(the images are copy right protected ) Thanks! Lucky fan also got her photo with Ryan Kwanten link here: Ryan is shown sporting a bruise on his right  left eye. (makes sense since one of the casting calls had him on the receiving end to a jealous ex not liking Jason “dating” his ex-wife) One of the fans mentioned that it does look like “Jason” was doing the morning walk of shame (leaving the house with his shoes in his hands. Looking forward to seeing Ryan and his portrayal of Jason in season 5!

Page on this site has the gallery of images taken of the True Blood set/filming:  True Blood season 5 set images

UPDATE: A great article on the earlier filming may be found on the Highland Park Patch website. Kudos to Andrea for the early sleuthing! She was able to get photos of the house before all the filming equipment was set up.

17 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Filming Spoilers Episode 5×03

  1. Laura Pfeifer

    My favorite is the sideview of Ryan with the pretty stained glass flowery windows behind him and those perfect lean muscles! It’s so interesting to see what sets(is that the right word?)look like when they film on location….what a big production, very impressive. Thanks for those, Barbara.

    1. admin Post author

      The house had a beautiful exterior and yes that one is one of my faves! He was leaving and the ladder was in the way but that window looked really nice. Thanks for the visit!!

    1. admin Post author

      LOL yah it was another crazy day! Glad I made the trip over there to see some of the fun! A few were able to get their photo with Ryan later in the night. (not my cuppa tea ) Was on my way to the car when he was leaving the house so got really lucky to see him on the set! thanks for the kind words!!

  2. Leesa

    These are amazing pics thanks for sharing!!! I hope to be lucky enough someday to get to see the set and have a chance at seeing them in person. I love the show as much as everyone else does 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Aww thank you so much! Glad you liked the photos. I tried not to intrude or get too close. Last thing I want is for them to close the set/limit access to fans. There were not that many people watching today. Got really lucky. A few fans were really lucky and got their photo taken with Ryan at the end of the night! SO cool. Hope you are able to watch filming soon Leesa! Thanks for the visit.

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    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so much! Got really lucky that on my way back to my car I stopped to get some pix of the house. When I snapped a photo I noticed someone was coming out! When I saw the no-shirt I realized yup…it was Ryan!! He looks amazing!

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