True Blood Season 4 Finale Trailer Preview


HBO sure knows how to tease True Blood fans. There is another video for the finale preview that is now listed as private. (but here are two that are still viewable)  UPDATE: here is the HBO preview for the season 4 finale! This one really makes waiting suck! Click on the READ MORE For the full gallery of screencaps: Added 2 addtional trailers plus screencaps enjoy!

Alcide makes his pitch:

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18 thoughts on “True Blood Season 4 Finale Trailer Preview

  1. elizabeth

    Again,lol i posted this elsewhere but the I think the part where Bill and Sookie are holding eachother is BEFORE the burning at the stake.I think hes telling her whats about to happen and they’re saying goodbye.And the part seen in Death promo where shes crying outside his door,I think thats in response to what is about to take place.As much as I want her and Eric together,I honestly hope she chooses herself at the end of this season.And I wont sit and watch her chooses Bill once again.Smh

  2. toni

    so glad you dont let a cold stop you this one time, HBO jumped the gun, remember last season (I think it was then) they put up a promo then removed it, they jumped the gun. You know I want some of these LOL, duh.

    1. admin Post author

      Yup. Last season I actually got a video that was taken during the finale by someone watching. LOL> yah they jumped the gun! feel free to use. I have the video (without sound) but the file size is too big for a post. But I can go back and grab more caps if needed. thanks!!

  3. elizabeth

    Maybe Im completely off,but the picture with Pam throwing stuff off her desk and Ginger consoling her made me feel better.She’s wearing the same clothes and her hair is the same as when they went to MoonGoddess.I feel like shes still really upset about how Eric punishes her for her little stunt. I might be off but Im grasping at straws here lol

  4. vanessa

    In situations like this, i love my country…Here in Brazil we (yet) can download, upload, etc, whatever we want to.
    So, speaking of this last promo…WTF? i don’t even know what to think about. I mean…Someone?

  5. elizabeth

    You all probably want me to shut up right now can I just vent how everyone thinking Sookie will choose to save Bill first is seriously depressing me.Im trying to stay positive and say Alan Ball wouldnt do that because then Eric would never forgive Sookie and That would be the end of our ship.I really,really hope that the new Faerie thats coming somehow helps Sookie get them both out.Maybe she’ll somehow put the fire out so Sookie can just take the silver off of them and then Bill and Eric can go end Nan because we all know they will.Just whatever happens,I dont want Eric hatingSookie after all the progress they’ve made.We all know Eric can hold a grudge for a very loooonnnng time.Alan Ball,if you by chance read this,dont make Eric hate Sookie.They’ll never end up together if he does.I know they dont really get together in the books until the 8th I think (or somewhere around there) but they at least got along and were friends.Ok,end of rant.I’ll shut up now 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Oh you can comment all the time and as much as you want! I love it! That’s the whole point to this site. It’s for fans!! Vent away! I’m going crazy with the whole “Sookie’s choice” stuff. I hope it all makes sense on the show. I loved this season. Loved amnesia Eric. Loved how he told her he LOVED her! Then she pooped on that! UGH..Hang in there and can’t wait to see what is happening. Waiting sucks!! Thanks again for visiting and for the comment. Again vent all you want!

  6. Karen

    Ahhh, this site is a respite from weary days.

    Great screencaps. Did you happen to catch the one in the cemetary that shows two figures (one in the mid-right corner) and not just the one? It may only appear for one or two shots.

    I love seeing lots of posts on here for us fans.

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