True Blood Trailers for Episode 47 Soul of Fire



Happy HBO True Blood  Trailer Thursday! Yes more previews today from HBO for True Blood:
Jason Stands up for Sookie:

Marnie Puked Antonia:

Where’s Marcus:

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14 thoughts on “True Blood Trailers for Episode 47 Soul of Fire

  1. elizabeth

    Im sooooooo happy Jason stood up for Sookie.They were seriously being assholes after she did nothing but help them.I mean I love you Eric and I know you’re hurt but seriously? Come on.And Pam, theres no need to be jealous.Dont even get me started on Bill.

    1. admin Post author

      I LOVED this. Yes I was afraid that something bad might happen to Jason! But it was great to see him stand up for her. I hated that line they used “fin’g Sookie”. Yes they’d be pissed at her but come on! Gawd! Yes Pam looks so pissed!!! Gawd I loved it when Jason called Bill out for using his sister! LOL I did a tumblr collage on it! Can’t wait. Thanks for the comment!

      1. elizabeth

        I KNOW RIGHT?! Sookie has done nothing but help them.I mean,did they really think she was going to sit at home and watch tv while they kill someone whos been her best friend since childhood? Smh

  2. vanessa

    Here: i think this “fucking Sookie” situation perhaps was just one way AB chooses to put Sookie alone in the end of this season… tell both to fuck themselves and next season she will be with Alcide and Eric *forever alone*.

  3. vanessa

    Or perhaps: Eric’s fucking Sookie is about worry. Bill’s fucking Sookie is about “great she messed up my plan” . Eric is using the defense again here. I guess Sookie hurt him more than we thought?

  4. Jess

    People can we give Eric a chance. The boy is over 1000 years old and he’s not had feelings for a fragile human in a looooooooooooooooooooooong time. If he accepts that he loves Sookie what ever happens it leaves him with a weakness. We all know how Sookie attracts danger. Give him a chance to get it straight in his head. We all know that Eric does everything with purpose. He’ll get himself together soon enough.

    Bill sorry buddy but you had her and lost her so you don’t get a say. So shout your mouth. Sookie has saved your ass more than once as Jason mentioned. Besides karma’s a b**ch and you are due some pay back for using Sookie for your own gains.

    Pam – honey I love you but what are you at. You are asking for a slap. You should know that Eric has feelings for Sookie and your behaviour is not going to keep you on his good side. Be prepared to be put in your place “child”. I know he’s your maker and we know he’s “got a lot of love for you” but don’t push your luck. He loves Sookie now too. Better learn to share missy, and fast!

    Jason! Wow you finally found where you left your balls. Facing up to four vampires and then calling two of them out both of which could snuff you out in a second. I’m impressed.

    1. vanessa

      i am so impressed with Jason <3
      Gotta love this guy. Uhmppp, life always, when i watch TB i go crazy and HATE ALL AND OMG I GONNA KILL AB….but after 15 minutes i spend some little time thinking about and rewatching and WOW, i can see what is going on. So… i am calm now. ahahahah 🙂

    2. AlphaEn

      Completely agree – Eric is so pissed off right now, he is venting. Who wouldn’t in his position? He’s just got his memories back, got rejected by the fragile woman he fell in love with (unheard of Eric who does not know the meaning of the word “love”), found out he was about to kill his king, is about to go to war with 300 y o witch in another human’s body, and guess what – Sookie just has to be right in the smack middle of that! How is he supposed to keep her safe and kill the witch at the same time? F’ing Sookie is mildly put, I have to say. Kudos to Eric for not taking Jason’s head off.
      I rather not say anything about Bill and Pam. Dear old Alan B. – who the hell writes these scripts? I suggest you try to read aloud the scribbles once in a while. Should give you an idea how ridiculous some of the lines really are.

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