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True Blood episode 4.08 “Spellbound”? aired last night. Here is my take on the Good, Gross and the Bad from this one.

The Good…..


Jason To the Rescue

Yes fans saw baby vamp Jessica break free from her silver chains (great job there big daddy King Bill) in the last episode and head towards the sun. MarniA’s spell had her walking to her doom. Cue Sheriff Jason to the rescue! He runs in just as Jess starts to go all crispy critter and knocks her to the ground and kicks the door closed. (I get the feeling Jason has had a lady friend on the ground like that before and used his legs to close the door..just saying). I was glad Jessica did not die the true death. She did suffer some burns and almost bit into Jason. Luckily for Jason she gained control again and kissed Jason (right on the lips!) Jason kisses back. 4-08237

Cue big daddy King Bill who can be heard shrieking for Jessica from Vampatraz. Talk about spoiling a special “moment’! Jason carries Jess down to Vampatraz and chains her back up (the right way this time). So yay for no dead baby vamp Jessica.

We Will Be One-Eric and Sookie Tasteathon


Eric has Sookie remove the heavy silver chains on his neck to help speed the healing process. (the silver has left awful burns on his neck) Like a big ole bandaid Sookie rips it right off and Eric screams what sounds like cussing in Swedish (the last worst I herd was ne-NO). Eric remembers that he really has not fed in a while (Sookie reminds him yes since my fairy godmother) Interesting how Eric called Claudine a fairy goddess. Sookie offers him some Tru Blood but that won’t work as quickly. Sookie showing quite a bit more trust in Eric offers herself up as a meal. 4-08091

She warns him that her blood is different but not full fae so Eric has her take some of the silver chain in her hand in case she needs to stop him. Eric tells Sookie that he will never betray her (knowing Alan Ball he will muck this up later on) This is the first time he has taken her blood from her willingly. Eric drinks from Sookie and when he finishes he bites his palm and offers it up to Sookie. Sookie questions the need “I’m not injured”.

Eric says “We will be one”. Sookie takes Eric’s palm and drinks his blood. This action is very powerful. It made their physical union even deeper and beyond just the carnal.  Eric did seem to enjoy the experience a lot.

Even the camera work seemed to wish to give them a private moment by the way it panned out of the hidey hole. (we see Eric in the throes of really enjoying this moment when Sookie finally trusts him enough to drink his blood) Snow Shower Yes the infamous “shower scene” was rumored to happen in 4.08. Alan Ball teased it at Comic Con. Fans were all a titter after some more tidbits showed up on twitter. So yes I was waiting with rubber ducky in hand for this episode.

4-08134 After their blood drinks they needed a bit of washing up. Eric keeps caressing Sookie. He touches her chin with his blood on it. Even while kissing his hands are touching feeling every part of her skin. (he grabs her hair not pulling but also in a caress) Sookie also is feeling This is more powerful in my humble viewing opinion than the full on Yikes Yahoo YUM and  thank you Viking stuff we saw in last episode.


When I saw Sookie and Eric stepping into her shower well I thought ok here we go now! As Sookie trys to get the water to start she sees no water but we do see light coming through the shower curtain. Ruh roh?! I felt like Scooby Doo indeed. Their mutual blood exchange has left both Sookie and Eric a bit blood drunk. Their shared vision/dream whatever you want to call it was visually stunning. No of course it is not the special moment that some fans expected from the books. But it could not be the same. In the books the reason the “shower scene” was so infamous was that it marked their “first time together” having sex. Well that has already happened. This instead was a visual feast for the eyes.

The carnal union from the past experience was amazing. This in contrast did not show them having sex but instead it showed that they were connected even more deeply now due to the blood they shared. Yes their bodies had been “joined” but this scene showed us that they were also connected on a spiritual level. (dare one say their souls were now joined?) They see what appears to me a Swedish forest with a rustic bed all aready for some “fun”. They play a game of nekkid tag and frolic on the way. Did it seem a bit silly? Maybe. The snow, the forest, the bed covered in animal pelts were all what Eric would have remembered from his home country of Sweden while human.

Was there some symbolism going on with the scene, the choice of snowflakes (which are each unique and amazing but also last only for a small moment before they melt) a symbol that this special moment of bliss will also be fleeting for Eric and Sookie? Probably.



After their shared dream we see Eric stoking the fire in the fireplace (more symbolism you betcha) He joins Sookie in the bed a real one this time. Eric talks of running away together. Sookie says she can’t leave her home.

Tommy’s Walk on the Wild Side


This skinwalking episode for shifter Tommy Mickens had me LMAO. Yes Tommy grabbed Maxine’s drawers, clothes and makeup and became none other than Maxine Fortenberry. Loved the hair! Still looked like Tommy’s best Bob’s Big Boy. Dale Raoul was amazing in this scene. I never thought I’d hear Maxine cussing and ordering drinks like a sailor. Tom/ine makes a deal with the gas man to buy up the rights on her property to get some cash in a hurry to get the heck out of Bon Temps.

The Bad…..

Mavis Meltdown

4-08499 At least we learn that the ghost Mavis is attached to creepy doll since she bought it for her baby. Bad part was that the baby daddy was a very bad man who tells her that the baby is no more (but we really don’t see a dead baby) since they “could never be together”.


He is a married white man and she is not white. This whole storyline is just muckery and filler fluff that takes away from the main parts of the story for me. Yes we see Lafayette once again “swallowing” a spirit. This time it is Mavis. Lafayette/Mavis..(Lavis?) is next seen humming the same french lullaby on his way to the Bellefleurs. Lavis then takes sleeping Andy’s gun on the way to grabbing cute baby Mikey and the dang creepy doll (hey she bought it for her own bebe). So  yes Mavis is going to probably wreak havoc with Andy’s gun. Perhaps evil baby daddy Vergil killed Mavis but did not kill his son. Perhaps the baby was able to “pass” and was raised by another family. My guess is we will have more time spent on another storyline. (guesses so far is that Vergil is a Bellefleur or another guess I have is that perhaps evil Uncle Bartlett is related to Vergil) Still don’t care. Love baby Mikey. He is not evil. The demonic doll ghost writers are the “evil” ones for making me endure the airtime spent on this.

Marcus aka Big Bad Wolf

Yes we see Marcus were pack master chatting with his pack on his inside scoop on the upcoming troubles between the vamps and the witches. Seems that Marcus has an “insider” feeding him info. He orders the pack to not engage in the action. Alcide and Debbie are on hand to hear the news. One of the younger weres/pups needs some reigning in and big Alcide is there to help out. Marcus tells Alcide he has “alpha” in him to which Alcide replies he’s not into the political stuff. (foreshadowing…..dang why not hit us on the heads with this one). Just who is Marcus’ insider will be intersting to find out. Perhaps one of the vampire sheriffs is feeding the info? Or is it a witch (still don’t care). Just seemed to be a forced scene. (of course Alcide will get into trouble for defying the order ) Also learn that Marcus really does not like shifters. He finds Sam at his ex’s house having dinner with his ex and his child. We find out that Marcus has a parole officer. Hmm I don’t think Marcus when to jail for jaywalking. His violent streak may have caused big problems in the past. (still don’t care)

Grave Yard Rumble

4-08645 Seriously why did King Bill agree to meet MarniA in the graveyard without some serious fire power? It all goes to heck when both sides show that they are not alone. I kept thinking they would all break out in song “Thriller” style. More witchery and MarniA controls the weather and makes the creepy grave yard even creepier with fog. Sookie uses her microwave fingers on a witch who is using some silver cutlery on Sookie. She is happy to have her powers but then is shot. With blood covering her abdomen she is seen falling to the ground. 4-08807notice the design behind Sookie. With the fog, it almost looks like she has “wings” . Fairy wings? At least Eric notices that she is shot before King Bill. But never fear Alan Ball is here to muck it all up again! Oh and yes MarniA spell Eric even more before the episode is over. We see Eric on his knees in front of MarniA and she is caressing his hair. So now Eric is MarniA’s pet? What a mess!

The Gross…

Buckets o’Bucky Blood

4-08238Seems that Jessica did more than slam AVL guard Bucky’s head into the Vampatraz bars. We find Bucky on the floor in a pool of his blood when Jason brings Jess back down to the cell. No worries. Big daddy King Bill tells Jess “you were spellbound” and not responsible for his death. The witch Antonia is responsible.” (hmm I wonder if this will apply to all vampires that are under a witch’s spell or is this special get outta human vampatraz jail free card for only his progeny?)

Crispy Critter Carter Slurpalicious

Beulah Carter is the lone vampire death due to Antonia’s spell. Her goo-mains are on the ground and we see Bon Temps finest investigating the vampire “suicide”. Kevin is back post were-panter attack (see a bite from a were-panther does not create a were if not Kevin would be a were!). Sheriff Andy still has the shakes and V desire an is seen almost slurping up the vampire goo-mains. Luckily Jason is there to stop Andy. This was gross but it also had a great line from Sheriff Andy. “Jesus, T!ts, and God America”.  (sounds like he is getting some of the zingers we are used to hearing Lafayette say)

Evisceration Viking Style

4-08670 Bad enough that MarniA spelled Eric once now he is under another spell. (a super silent one that only Sookie heard). In one fell swoop we see Eric draw the first blood and removes the throat from a witch. Still makes me wonder whether this act of violence will cause even more trouble for Eric. Will he have amnesty since he was “spellbound”? (we did hear big daddy King Bill tell Jessica that she was not responsible for Bucky’s death since she was “spellbound”). The eighth episode for this year was filled again with a lot of action. Yes I enjoyed watching it. Did I tire of all the plot lines? Yes very much so again in this episode there were just so many things to keep in mind. Am I enjoying this season? Yes again very much! Waiting still sucks for the new episode even more now. The preview for episode 4.09 “Run” shows that Sookie is being tended to by Bill and Alcide. Will Sookie drink Bill’s blood? Will Sookie die? come on. this is just like the old shows where fans are left worrying till next week. Sookie will have BIll’s blood to recover. Who knows maybe Alcide will shift into wolf form and lick her wounds clean (we did hear a few times that wolf saliva is “healing”). So yes Waiting STILL SUCKS!

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  1. toni

    When they didnt show the baby at all we knew he was still alive, somewhere. Unless they show the continued scene, we might find out someone we know in Bon Temps is the original owner of that doll (or their parent). The only thing for a time frame that we have is the casting call saying 30’s dress and the old fashioned doll. ,

    1. admin Post author

      really was a sad scene for me the whole Mavis part. Bad in that just filler fluff. I know AB will link it all up. Somehow it will mean something. Sookie landed in front of a Bellefleur gravestone I believe. ACK! Thanks for posting the comment and visiting. The comment was stuck in my spam. Waiting really really sucks now!

  2. Coroba

    “Eric screams what sounds like cussing in Swedish (the last worst I herd was ne-NO).”

    Heh, he actually screamed : aaaaj helvetes jävla faaaaaNN!” which means “Heeell fucking heeellll!”

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