True Blood Vamp Season in the Sun Episode Recap

4-07082   True Blood aired episode 4.07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” on Sunday night and it was a doozy. True Blood fans probably never thought they would see so many of their favorite vampires awake during daylight hours. This episode did look like season 4 might be the vampire season in the sun! It did not bode well for one of vampires and the episode ended with one of the fan favorites seeing the sun for the first time since she was human. Click on READ MORE for the recap and HBO Video: HBO posted this video recap for the episode:

Here is my recap of the Good , Gross and the bad moments from episdoe 4.07. Oh and yes there were a few “great” moments thrown in there as well. The Good…


Dr. Ludwig’s House call

This moment for me was both great and gross. Seeing Dr. Ludwig again on the show was a lot of fun. She is back and snarky as ever! She is treating vampire Pam for her awful rotten skin condition and is shown doing a deep skin peel. Deep alright-when Dr. Ludwig removes the bandages she is removing all of Pam’s skin as well. So what is left is not the beautiful skin we are used to seeing but it is a lot better than the cadaver look she has been sporting. Poor Pam is left to endure painful injections 6 times a day in order to regenerate her skin. Both actresses in this scene were just perfect in their snarky delivery of funny lines. 4-07145Pam is not pleased with the pain from the “peel” and says as much to Dr.Ludwig. “I’m going to shove my hand up your as$ and use it as a hand warmer”. Seeing Dr. Ludwig with those huge needles did give a few fans a shudder but it did look like it was also a “jab” at the lucrative medical spa industry where many subject themselves to shots for the sake of beauty. See even vampires need a little shot now and then to look immortal!

Pillow Talk Viking Style

4-07088Yes I can’t help but find the post nookie session pillow talk that Eric and Sookie had (all over the forest, the house all OVER!) a good moment on the show. It’s not about the sex. (ok yes there was some of that .ok..there was a LOT of sex..) but the intimacy again that is what shows the changes in both Eric and Sookie. Yes without his memory Eric Northman is quite changed. He does not hate being a vampire just that he does regret some of the atrocities he has done as one. So yes Eric Northman gets Sookie’s rug all wet again (and I do mean the rug on the floor ya dirty pervs…). Despite the rug burn and obvious new loving glow the moment where Sookie and Eric were just talking did show a different side to both of the characters.

King Bill Silver Yourselves

4-07183 In an effort to save the vampires of Bon Temps from MarniA’s magic, King Bill tells the remaining sheriffs to tell the vamps in their areas to leave the state or to silver themselves. Bill delivers the news to Eric who does not wish to stay at Vampatraz and would rather stay with Sookie (can’t blame him). King Bill walks into the home and to be honest, Eric and Sookie did not have a lot of time to clean up from the “fun”they had all over the house. The screencap below shows and over turned chair. 4-07189 Pretty funny seeing King Bill sitting in that same chair. There is no way to deny that there was a “happy reunion”. Sookie does have to stop Eric from over sharing this fact with King Bill. I have to give King Bill credit in this scene.  He does go over and give Eric the option of safety in his vampatraz. Bill was smart enough to realize that Eric would not leave Sookie and did bring enough silver chain for Sookie to keep Eric safe. Alan Ball has done a lot to Bill’s character this season and not all of the changes were for the good. Gone is his former woe is me/ missing his humanity persona and replaced with his royal airs.  This time though we do see that Bill realizes Sookie would not forgive him if anything were to happen to Eric. So yes I do give Bill kudos for not being the a-hole he seems to be lately. I still don’t trust the King. I just feel that if Sookie were not looking he would not hesitate to have Eric harmed and have the blame lay elsewere. Just a feeling I get. (I am getting a little tired of all the air time is spent on making some of the story lines take away from the core of the story-Sookie) 4-07288Seeing Eric in the heavy chains and suffering the bleeds is not an easy sight to see for Sookie. She lays next to him and tries to relieve some of his physical pain by telling how this is not the first time she has seen him in silver. She finally realizes that he gave himself up to be silvered to save Sookie and Godric. Sad to hear Eric say “Even then you did not love me”. Eric is trying to decide whether he wants his memories back and if that will mean Sookie will “no longer want him”.

The Grossout Moments:


Pam Not a Zombie!

Vampire Pam had Tara by the neck and looked like the sassy Tara was going to breathe a last breath but lo and behold a group of picture happy humans were on hand to capture the kodak moment. Great timing eh? This seemed a little too “set up” for the scene to work for me. One of the humans says how “TMZ  is offering $10k for a real live vamp attack video”.  When the humans get a glimpse of Pam’s cursed face  and they question if Pam is a zombie. “Are there zombie’s now?”  Pam’s reply “I AM NOT A ZOMBIE”. Pam realizes it would not be wise to exact her revenge on Tara right there so she lets Tara know that “she will never be safe”. (poor Tara if she needed another reason to hate vampires). Just when I thought we might start to see a decrease in the character population on True Blood. Tara tells Naomi to leave  since she did not want to be responsible for another death. The zombie reference makes me feel that it is a foreshadowing into seeing a new type of character on the show. Rarely is something mentioned on the show without it being for a reason (perhaps the season finale which mentions spirits of the dead in Bon Temps, perhaps more magic raises some of the residents in the cemetary..more characters but Zombies would be cool)

MarniA Escape from Vampatraz

4-07020King Bill definitely needs new security guards and a new system for his Vamp jail cell (vampatraz). MarniA is able to escape after she gains control of Vampire Sheriff Luis. (yes the same one who tortured and raped Antonia). King Bill’s spy and bootie call buddy meets with her untimely demise. Katarina is tricked into going into MarniA’s cell. Seems MarniA does not like traitors very much and orders Luis to kill her (but no blood). RIP Katarina. It was kinda funny seeing her playing a zombie game on her iPad (yes another zombie reference). Gues they should have had a clause in the security manual to leave the games at home. Sheriff Luis tells King Bill of his terrible mistake and shoots King Bill to slow him down before making a run for the magic “stake” used to kill vampires. Why oh why was that stake not kept under lock and key eh? Again King Bill needs a whole revamp of his security! The fight for the stake of course is won by King Bill who asks Luis “what is your business with Antonia? Where is she? Luis pre-gooification says “resurrection”. (interesting how it looked like Luis lifted himself onto the stake as a sacrifice perhaps?)

Tommy’s “Food Poisoning”

4-07256Tommy tells his brother Sam that his passing out and being so ill was due to “something he ate” while on a shifter run. Takes Sam a while to realize the something he ate was really a someone . This discovery comes to Sam after calling up Luna and is given a huge brush off and she is indignant over his treatment the night before. Well after a bit of a chat with Luna they realize that Tommy did indeed skinwalk. Poor Luna realizes that she just slept with Tommy, Sam pretty much chokes the living snot out of his little brother. Again cool seeing Tommy shift into a human but why make it so drama filled by having him sleep with Luna? This only foreshadows a future butt kicking from Luna’s ex Marcus in the next episode.

 The Bad..(yes even a great episode had some bad moments)

LaLa’s Fan Dance/I See Ghosts….

4-07397Don’t get me wrong I love Lafayette and seeing him try to get baby Mikey to smile by doing peek a boo with him using his glam lace fan was a riot. Mikey seems to be looking at someone other than Lala. Poof! LaLa sees the ghost of Mavis: She sings a beautiful french lullaby to baby Mikey but Lafayette is too freaked out to enjoy the song. Poof Mavis disappears. This scene did not add a lot to the story in “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”. Yes she’s the good ghost who saved baby Mikey. Don’t care.

MarniA Wreaking Havoc on Vamps

4-07013_0 Tara manages to convince the other Wiccans to give the new and improved MarniA another try. MarniA starts the chanting and repeats the magic spell that Antonia used while burning at the stake. A big ole wind blows through and all heck breaks loose. The vampires were ready for this since King Bill had given the order for vampires to either leave the state or silver themselves. 4-07057_0 Sookie has managed to keep Eric safe till this point. When she is speaking with big bro Jason the wind rushes through and we can hear Eric screaming at the top of his Viking lungs. Baby vamp Jessica and big daddy King Bill are in Vampatraz and the magic has hit them as well. Jessica breaks free of her chains. (bad daddy King Bill in an effort to spare her pain he forgets to chain her around her neck). King Bill commands her…no not the not go to the sun but to release him. 4-07142_0 Jess ignores his pleas and tricks the human guard into coming to her help. Don’t blame him. Her hand was melting on the silver vampatraz jail bars. She gets the key away and yup gets away. She drags herself up the stairs (her legs are still bound by silver) and the final scene in the episode is of Jessica opening the mansion doors wide open! Alan Ball loves to end the episode with some big action and he did not disappoint in this episode. 4-07189_0 Seriously though, are we supposed to think she dies? She will be badly burned. Jason Stackhouse was seen running to her help and will most likely make it in time to keep Jess from going all crispy critter. (the same can’t be said for poor Maxine’s neighbor who lights up and cooks quickly in the sun). Looks like the housecoat and the hair curlers in that poor vamps hair were not flame retardant and accelerated the burning process. Still wish Maxine had at least shown some decency and used the hose on her. (but then we would not have had more storyline for next weeks episode). 4-07172_0 The burns from the silver on Jess were pretty gross and I am not looking forward to seeing how much her skin is damaged by the sun. The spell MarniA chanted gives Vamps an overwhelming desire to walk into the sun. The vamps can be heard saying “the sun”. (We will see just how many vampires die in 4.08 from this magic spell-spoiler MarniA is NOT PLEASED at all! So yes Baby Vamp Jessica is going to be ok!) Cue more romantic triangle drama in the future for Jess/Hoyt and Jason. (Jess does confess to big daddy King Bill that she does not love Hoyt..) Waiting for the new episodes of True Blood suck even more now. “Spellbound” will air on 8/14/11 and it is one that should not be missed by Eric/Sookie fans. Yes I do believe that we may have a bit of a watery scene in this one!

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