True Blood Season 4 Screener Spoilers


This one is not new news for fans but it is still great to get more confirmation! Yes one of the awesome critics I follow on twiter just screened True Blood’s epsidoe 4.08 and this is what he writes:

For those asking, a variation on the infamous “shower scene” is in episode 408 of #TrueBlood. That’s all I’m saying. Link to his twitter account:

I know when I found out they filmed that scene it made the rest of the week a whole lot nicer! I just hope that the fears I have concerning whether or not the shower will be a threesome are false! Only need Eric and Sookie in that scene please and thank you very much!!Waiting really sucks now!

UPDATE: Jace tweeted the following recently:

And this a few seconds ago:

And this reply to one of my friends (love the answer):

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      There will be two different scenes I now believe. (at least I keep hoping) I”ve known that the SS was going to be in 4.08 but the episode summary for 4.09 worried me! LOL at least now it does seem way better!! Thanks for the comment! Keeping fingers toes, eyes and everything else crossed!

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