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Crave Online: Some fans think there are too many storylines on the show. What is your take on that?

Alan Ball: Well, just pay attention to the ones you like. To me, that’s part of what the show is. It’s this big, sprawling cast of characters and I love that about the show. We have a tremendous amount of really talented actors so just pay attention. Watch it more than once. Watch it three or four times so that way any questions will get answered.

Crave Online: Is it a dramatic struggle for you?

Alan Ball: No, I love it. I love having a lot of characters.

Crave Online: How do you see True Blood has influenced the popular lore of vampires?

Alan Ball: You know what? I don’t pay much attention to that stuff. I work and I work like a dog. When I go home, the last thing I want to do is read about the popular lore of vampires. for the full interview click below:

Alan Ball on True Blood | CraveOnline

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