Interview with Cooper Huckabee “Joe Lee Mickens” from True Blood


Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Cooper Huckabee who plays Joe Lee Mickens on True Blood. Yes he had a scene that is forever in our minds -the untidy whities scene where he is in his underwear in Season 3. When I met Cooper a few weeks ago I could not help but mention those unmentionables. He was very happy to chat about that unforgetable scene as well as his upcoming ones in season 4 of True Blood. (he does have some great spoilers that hopefully we will chat about again closer to when those episodes air. I did not want him to get into trouble)

Huge thanks to the Facebook fans who helped out with questions! The Bookies Heart True Blood group and the What I learned from Watching True Blood fans came up with a great list to work with. I tried not to talk too much (ok if anyone who knows me , they know  how impossible this is). We chatted about what a typical day is like for filming, table reads, ad libbing on set.

Whether or not Joe Lee has any deep dark secrets is still a mystery and yes there was not much of a back story for his story but it was great to hear how well the cast gets along with each other and how it is much like a family. To me part of the fun of the show is how it does not look like are reading a script but rather how the dynamics work and it looks like real life (ok a real life where there are vampires, witches and shifter and fae!)

He mentioned how well trained the dogs were for the dog fighting scenes from season 3. (and how beautiful they all were). He was on set as well when there were wolves but he did not interact with them. He has not had any scenes with the vampires of True Blood. He also worked with “Tara” -Rutina Wesley and remarked how beautiful she was and nice to work with. He complimented his co-stars on how it was like a family as they worked together.

Albeit his character is not the “good guy” on True Blood. I asked if his character had any redeeming qualities or if there was any good in him. He said how a good actor will try and find the thread of humanity in any character they are portraying. But yes Joe Lee was a pretty rough character and did have a lot of dysfunctional family issues to deal with this season. It does sound like there will be a family “reunion” for Tommy Mickens when his mom seeks him out in episode 4.04. It will be very interesting to see if the passage of time has done any healing for the Mickens.

The audio file from the telephone interview is too large for me to attach to this post so I have it uploaded to an online file and it will download a quick time movie. I am still trying to transcribe and hopefully compress the file size but here it is in the mean time.

It was a lot of fun to chat with Mr. Huckabee and he truly does appreciate all the True Blood fans who help make his job possible. he was very kind to allow this interview and was such a nice person to meet. Yes we can blame his character for all our undewear scrubbing duties we all hold. He even mentioned how he even does not want to look like Joe Lee with the nasty drawers. It was fun to hear how he had to basically try out 3 types of underwear and Alan Ball selected the nasty ones for the scene. (LOL can you imagine the wardrobe session for that one! )

His filmography is quite extensive and has a few projects coming up for fans to see. He has been in a lot of different types of films but really does not have a preference as to genre. He does genuinely seem to enjoy his craft and it showed when speaking to him. When they are available I’ll post here.

Season 4 does sound like it will have a lot of action once again for fans and yes there are a few spoilers that I’m holding onto until closer to when the action airs. Truly don’t wish to ruin the action and all the hard work that the cast and crew has done for us fans. Thanks again to Cooper and his manager for helping out with the interview!

Note the link to the interview is on the link-when you click on the link the download will automatically start.  Just wanted to let you know. here is the link to the interview: The file size is around 10MB. Enjoy~


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    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so much! I met him at the HBO after party and was super sweet! He was such a nice person to speak with and really made the nervousness about asking questions a lot easier for me. I tried to make it flow instead of just pushing questions on him. Hopefully we will chat again! Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you!! thanks again for the “Mickens Chicken and Chitlins” question! LOL he loved how we remember all that! He was a sweetheart! So not like the “Joe Lee” we see on the tv!

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  2. Patti Moss

    My husband and Cooper grew up together in Mobile, Al. I have spoken with Cooper several times, called to wish him a happy birthday as his and my husbands are a few days apart. He IS a very nice and sweet person. Good luck Cooper in all you do..True Blood super fan, Patti

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks so much for the comment Patti! Cooper was one of the nicest guys ever! So sweet in person and in the interview. So different yes from how his character was on the show. So lucky you know him! Such a cool guy!

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