If you Love Me Why Am I Dyin’ Promo Screen Caps


Waiting will really suck for the True Blood fans who could not wait until Sunday to watch the second new episode of the season. A promo video trailer was shown for episode 4.03 “If You Love Me, Why am I Dyin” on HBO Go and now we have to wait until 7/10/11 to watch that episode! The images in the gallery below are from the video trailer. SPOILER ALERT WARNING!

To be honest a lot of the footage has already been shown in snippets during the teaser time in the “Waiting Sucks” videos and in some of the other trailers. That does not make it any less exciting for me to see again! We get to see where Eric goes after visiting the Moon and Goddess store.


We also finally get to see Alcide. He is so happy to see Sookie he just picks her up off the ground! (well he is 6′ 5″ after all so when he goes in for a big hug Sookie gets lifted right up!)


Sheriff Andy does seem to be in for a bit of trouble this season with his new exotic “tastes” and is shown below sucking his finger. Oh Andy why!


Even Sam can’t seem to avoid getting hassled by Andy in the third installment!  Gun versus hand no winner there.


King Bill seems to be really enjoying his throne. (well they are in a chair below not sure if it is a throne or not)


Don’t be mislead by the sequence of the scenes shown in the new trailer. Alan Ball loves to trick fans into thinking what is happening when there are some scenes out of order. I’m almost sure that the action shown in the video trailer are almost shown backward. I mean not in backward motion but what is last is shown first in the video so when you look at the images in the gallery below they will proabably be in that order.


We see Eric outside of Sookie’s car and I’m positive that is where we start out for episode 3. There is a bit of a chase (Sookie is shown running away since she probably gets out the car via the passenger side-it looked like Eric trying to get into her car at the end of episode 4.02) Eric had been sniffing the air around her since she smelled so good. (she smelled like dinner to him) You can see Eric running at vamp speed in the image above.

Guess who is faster duh-Eric:


He is standing in front of Sookie (and we have already seen in the promos what she does next to his nose)

Fans will also learn how upset the wiccans are with Eric’s treatment of Marnie. Lafayette though is very worried since he has been a guest in the dungeon at Fangtasia and does not wish to take up residence again. Looks like we see the action where Pam is throwing someone back down there!

Yes waiting sucks but having these fun new images to guess away the action makes the pain a bit less.

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19 thoughts on “If you Love Me Why Am I Dyin’ Promo Screen Caps

  1. Etain

    King Bill seems to be really enjoying his throne. (well they are in a chair below not sure if it is a throne or not)

    Yeah she’s on his little throne..

  2. fbforbill

    Yah Bill is on his throne cause he deserves it after all the hell he has been through. I can not wait to see what the viking has instore for him. I love Alex but do not like eric, sorry ladies.

    1. admin Post author

      Don’t worry for me I see Alex before I see “Eric” ever since the wig was gone. Amnesia Eric is more like the Alex that we don’t see on screen normally so it will be fun to see it on True Blood. That is what is fun about True Blood you can like the different characters and then also you can enjoy the actors that play them. Thanks for the comment!!

  3. fbforbill

    What do you think of the whole fae stuff? I think it is boring. Hope to find some more Alex/eric friends. I like Alex like I said just not the viking. Hope you forgive the name but I love Bill and Love love that he is the viking’s boss. When I found out that tidbid i yelled YESSSS!!!
    By the way for those who will slam Bill ~I know you want to~ He is with other ladies~I use that loosely~ but he still loves Sookie and If i thought the one I loved was dead and gone after a year i would move on to.
    Oh Well hope this season is full of lots of hunky goodness from both the fellows. Sorry the wolf doen’t do it for me either.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so much for the visit and also for the kind comment! I truly appreciate it. Yes it’s an Alex site and with True Blood season in full force there will be a lot of True Blood info. Fun to see Bill and Eric interact this season with all the changes in the story! Glad you liked the images. There are tons more under the photo gallery heading by event/year and screen caps.

  4. Snarksville

    I love both Eric and Alex but I love Eric more because I love the Eric/Sookie love/hate, lust/anger back and forth. I happen to love when he’s arrogant because, as we’ve seen in the 3rd season, the persona this particular vampire wants others to see isn’t always necessarily true. Eric is very layered even when he doesn’t know what he’s made of anyway!

    I just found this site and am loving the screencaps. I have a feeling I’m gonna fall even deeper for Eric AND Alex as this season, in particular, goes forth.


    1. admin Post author

      You are very welcome! Thank you for the kind words and for comment! I love the snarky tension between Eric and Sookie. Can’t wait to see the rest of the season. Yes Amnesia Eric is so different (but a little like real Alex LOL) thanks so much for the visit! Hopefully more fun screen caps soon.

      1. Julie

        Wayyy too many possibilities for me!! I just hope that Sookie cohoses to be with Eric because he has given himself to her and now is not regretting the decision. He is himself again and still loves her and wants to give her everything. I just don’t see her and Bill together anymore. I also wouldn’t care if the following people met the true death( haha): Debbie, Tara, Jesus, Hoyt, Holly, any of the witches, Marcus or the two bewitched sheriffs. This is because they have had their run and their storyline has thinned out. I love Jessica’s new badass self and Jason and her have great chemistry so neither of them should die. Andy, Terry, Arlene, and most def Lafayette is always good for a laugh so not them either. Obviously not Sookie or the the main three, er four men that wanna be with her Bill, Eric, Alcide, or Sam. Only time will tell

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