True Blood Season 4 HBO Go Video Snippet Eric and Sookie

There was a little snippet of season 4 on the latest HBO Go commercial video that aired recently. We see a Sookie Stackhouse tossing off her towel and little does she know she is not alone! New Eric and Sookie action in the video below. Sadly it is just a quickie (no that the action but the video)

I spy a few new scenes in this teaser. Loved the look on both Sookie’s and Eric’s faces in the “towel tossing” scene! Tara does look like she goes in for a staking. Jesus and Lafayette get their kiss on. Oh and Arlene looks a bit upset in the kitchen (post baby delivery) Waiting sucks but the time will soon be here!

Gallery below has a few screen caps from the video above. Huge thanks to TB Italy and to janpero for uploading the video.

[nggallery id=262]

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