True Blood Season 4 Main Street Mayhem Musings

Last week I heard that True Blood was going to be filming on location for episode 4.11. I could not resist the temptation to see some of my favorite vampires on Main Street. Just a guess that they would be filming vampire scenes but a night time shoot usually means vampires. SPOILER WARNING> yes the images may spoil the action for fans so don’t peek if you don’t want spoiling. (I’ve not included the big spoiler photos since I truly don’t want to ruin it for fans )



Filming on location means a lot of set up required and HBO brings out a crew with a base-camp where they are able to set up the trailers that house the costumes, gear, electrical equipment and all the behind the scenes items to create the on screen magic. On the walk back to my car the first night I spotted the catering trailers that had all the food items for the cast. (yes they play vampires but when it is cold outside the humans need coffee!)


The scenes are planned out so in the beginning fans were able to see the cast rehearsing the lines, set up as to where they stand etc in order to have the proper shot. Stand ins normally do just that-they stand in for the cast. Alex’s stand in was nice and smiled a lot at the growing crowd. He was also really great with the fans and would chat with them when it was possible. Since it is a “live set” there were times when silence was required (ie no photos, no video , no talking or it would interfere with the shot)


Alex's stand in is on the left above. (Alexander S. can be seen a little further to the right

Another stand in is shown below:


Deborah Woll on the left. Stand-in is on the far right (not her stand in..)

The first night of filming that I watched primarily involved the building that is the “Moon and Goddess Emporium” for season 4. In real life this location is a year round Halloween store. The signs outside are changed for the name and cranes were in place for one of the cast to be “flying”. We saw the who I believe to be Annie Fitzgerald who plays a new character “Kirsch” in a harness and the crane is used to have her “fly”. She also seemed to stop in mid air (perhaps a certain witch casts a spell to stop her mid air? )

Annie Fitgerald preparing for the "harness" and the upcoming scene

Mid air shot. The harness would have a rebound action that I was able to catch in this shot:


The action on the first night I watched involved Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman), Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam), Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Deborah Woll (Jessica Hamby) and Annie Fitzgerald (Kirsch). There were others on site but don’t want to be too spoilery.

I’m guessing that another vampire met the true death prior to this action since I did see some vamp-goo-mains on the ground below:


I will write up a bit more of the action that is spoiler in nature closer to when this episode is due to air. Truly do not wish to spoil it for the fans and also for the cast and crew who worked really hard to film the action for us.

Some of my observations-nothing major or new but Pam and Eric really seem to have an amazing child and maker relationship on the show and it was fun to seem Kristin and Alexander smiling and having fun in real life.


Filming went on till 5 am the night before and also till almost 6 am that night. Many fans were able to get their photos with some of the cast by being patient and respectful and waiting till the time was ok for the cast to be able to walk over and snap a photo. I only stayed till around 1 am the first night since I had to get my son to school the next morning.

The second night I watched filming the set seemed to be action that continues from the prior night. Fire crews were on site and a huge truck with flammable liquid was on set as well. There was a lot of smoke and special effects that make sense considering the episode title for 4.11 is “Soul of Fire”.


The cast member on the ground above (shown with a crew person) was quite a character. During the down time, the cast person would throw some of the debris on the ground at some of the others. They kept missing their target. However if the target turned around to see where the noise would come from, the jokester would lay flat on the ground with a “what? wasn’t me” look. Even with working long hours, lack of sleep and the cold  the cast of True Blood still had a lot of fun. They do seem to get along very well with each other.


It was fun to see Deborah Woll do her scenes and have to wait for the makeup person “fang” her up. On screen we see the final magic but in real life it does take a bit of doing.


On location filming does involve a lot of set up, rehearsal , waiting around and re-takes. A huge thank you from me to the cast  and to HBO crew for allowing fans to be present to watch the real life action before we see the final “magic on screen”. As long as fans continue to be respectful of their policies on no filming or shooting during the live filming we should have a chance again in the future to watch filming. I know there have been a lot of leaked videos and photos. Not all fans present were filming during the shooting part. Most of the ones I have seen were the “good guys”. I won’t post links to the ones that are definitely the big no-no ones.

Mikethefanguy did a great write up of his experience during the filming and he was very respectful. Here is the link and he has a lot of great photos with the cast. (he also stayed till the wee hours of the morning). Two of my friends also went back on Friday night and got super lucky and amazing photos with Alexander Skargard! I’m so happy for them and all the fans that were able to snap their photo with Alex. He is really a nice guy and truly does appreciate all his fans.

dsc_0215Waiting sucks but at least the season 4 premiere is ALMOST HERE! Here is a gallery of images I took during the rehearsals:

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20 thoughts on “True Blood Season 4 Main Street Mayhem Musings

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  2. Etain Danu

    Babs always professional in your contact with the cast and crew of HBOs True Blood series. I am so glad you offer us something with substance each time.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks so much Etain! Especially for understanding the part on spoilers and some of the other pix. The cast was so cool and I don’t know how they do it all the time. I’m still wiped out from only watching a little bit in the middle of the night and they work all through the night! LOL

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for the kind words! The pix were quite a challenge at first for me. There was a setting that kept making a light go off even thought the flash was off so I missed out on an hours worth of photos so I was flipping OUT! Night shoots are heck! Glad you liked them and yes truly I appreciate that you understand how I tried not to “spoil/ruin” the action for fans. The agency I freelance for also agreed to not list those “spoilery” pix (even though they would get some decent $). I did not want to ruin it for fans and ruin all the hard work the cast and writers, crew and all on the show do for us.

      Season 4 is almost here! YAY

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for commenting!! Oh boy season 4 is going to be amazing! This filming is for a later episode (4.11) so it does look like a lot of action for fans this year! Stephen Moyer was so nice and looked great. I had a photo of him but it was too blurry! I was so sad. He was giving me a cool smile but I was too far and the camera lens decided to have a brain “toot” at the same second (that or I did..LOL).

      yes Season 4 is almost here!!! YAY!

  3. Ellen

    When I found out about this, I was excited beyond my wildest dreams. I grew up very close to this area, and haven’t moved very far away. I was only able to spend a few hours a couple of the days/nights of the shooting. On my first visit I saw some day shooting. Jason, Tara, Lafayette and Sookie, were all there. I wandered all around the area getting use to the layout. My second visit was at night. I entered the area from a back street and literally ran into Alexander Skarsgard AKA.Eric within one minute after leaving the car. I got to take a picture with him. I told him that I was having a birthday the next day. Which was true. He congratulated me and I actually grabbed his arm and pulled him down so I could kiss his cheek! Best birthday present ever!!!!! After that I was so flustered, I told my daughter, who had come with me, that we could go home now. We returned Friday night, the last night. There were many more people. I watched the filming through binoculars. We only stayed for a short time.
    Your pictures are great, and remind me of that wonderful experience that I had!

    1. admin Post author

      Happy Belated birthday! WOW what a great birthday present!! YAY so happy for you. Alex is just so sweet and super nice to his fans! No matter what he appreciates all of us and yes so cool he made your birthday so special! I saw him when I was in my car heading home late! LOL (he is hard to miss!)

      I could not make it on Friday night but sound like you all had a great time! Thank you so much for the kind words on the photos! The other pix I’ve taken of cast were mostly at panels and lighting was great but the filming stuff whoah boy!! Night time shooting is so treacherous! No flash and the HBO lighting was giving my camera FITS! LOL Lots of other pix but they were just too blurry (or too spoilery LOL). Thank you again and I appreciate the kind words and comments.

  4. JJ

    i went to this filming! it was so much fun. i meet alex, stephen, kristen, deborah, and ryan… took pic with all of them… i also hung with alex, stephen, and kristen for around 15 min with just two other people. very nice and said that we were gunna be very please with this season!!!!!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi JJ,

      So glad you had a blast as well at the filming! Amazing and so great you got your photo taken with them all!! They are just so nice to fans and I am so happy for you!! I can’t wait for season 4! Thanks for commenting! If you have your pix posted online send the link and I’ll tweet it for you! Congrats again on the pix with the cast.

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    1. admin Post author

      I remember you did-there is another page that has the pix so the comment might be there. I went a few nights so it might be on one of the other posts!! Thanks for the comment!!

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