True Blood Season 4 Premiere Episode Screen Caps Fae War?


The new sneek peek into the premiere episode for True Blood’s season 4 was just shown on HBOGo. Looks like we finally get to meet “Claude”. When we last saw Sookie and her grandpa Earl they were getting ready to RUN! This video shows us what happens next.

Queen Mab is not too pleased with Miss Stackhouse and orders the others to get them. Lots of flying balls of light (from the Fae) are thrown trying to capture Sookie and her g-pa. Lo and behold another Fae is there to help out.


Looks like perhaps Claudine coming to their help

The images below are from the latter part of the video (the newer action). I have not heard the audio yet so don’t know exactly what is going on but you can pretty much tell that Sookie and Earl make the leap hopefully back to Bon Temps. It does look like there may be a start to a war between the Fae. You can see how Sookie was helped out by Claude and Claudine and perhaps their fellow Fae Clan.

Waiting does SUCK!

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