True Blood Fangtastic Portrait Poster

Alexander Skarsgard Italy posted the poster above on their FB page. What a way to start the day! Looks like it might be a promo poster for the AVL. A nice group of vampires all fangy!

Not sure if this is fan made or what but looks great. Also interesting how Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) is wearing a wedding band in this image. (he is married in real life to Anna Paquin but never has shown the band on the show before). It almost looks like this is a family portrait with 2 familes. Bill/Nan and Jess and Eric and Pam as the second family . However in this portrait it seems that Jess is with Eric and Pam. Bill and Nan are seated as if they were the matriarch and patriarch of the group. Interesting.

Nan and Bill are supposed to have a “back story” and were shown in one of the 80’s flashback scenes for season 4. Waitng SUCKS. Perhaps the AVL is having them be their “poster family couple” (Nan and Bill).

Oh and the makeup in this photo does not look like the “vampire” look. They are more natural ie not pale or bloody eyes/fingernails as they appear in the show. So maybe it is a way to keep from looking like the big bad scary vampires.

here’s a close up on the ring:


3 thoughts on “True Blood Fangtastic Portrait Poster

  1. toni

    I saw this first on Santress Tumblr, I think it part of the new photoshoot for s4, just the vamps, we should have more soon for others, shifters etc. I hope he isnt married to Nan, or QSA.

  2. karin los angeles

    their skin is soooooo white. perhaps it is a poster or magazine photo shoot and you want to make their makeup look good, instead of making it too vamp eyed for the public to keep as opposed to the show. the ring, if for a shoot for a magazine or even for publicity, may be of no consequence. it will be interesting.

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