True Blood Season 4 Premiere Episode Speculations

True Blood season 4 premiere synopsis teased fans with what they may see in the first episode of the season.In the prior entry I speculated just what we might see for  Sookie, Sam and Jesus and Lafayette. post link here:True Blood Twists ahead In this entry I’ll cover the remainder of the synopsis. This entry is a major SPOILER containing images and text that may spoil for some fans. So if you don’t want to know, don’t read on!  The teaser trailers have shown us a lot of the season 4 action (but of course not all of it) and the season premiere synopsis states:

Episode #37
“Sheʼs Not There”: Sookie journeys away from Bon Temps; Eric and Bill try to win back the human public; Jason learns that no good deed goes unpunished; Tara finds refuge in close quarters; Sam bonds with his own; Hoyt and Jessica debate the dinner menu; Jesus urges Lafayette to join a coven; Terry tries to alleviate Arleneʼs fears about the baby. (Written by Alexander Woo; directed by Michael Lehmann.) Playdates: June 26, 28 and 29


1. Eric and Bill try to win back the human public

The “antics” of King Russell Edginton has left many humans feeling not very fond of vampires. We did see grafitti painted on Fangtasia in the season 3 finale and Jessica found a burning cross on Bill Compton’s property. Just how will Eric and Bill win back the human public? I can see a big “public relations” advertising type campaign and having vamps perform public service for charities perhaps?


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO True Blood season 3 finale

Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO True Blood episode 3.10 cross burning outside Bill's home

Photo Credit:© 2011 HBO TBS3.10 This had to be hard for Jessica to watch.

I do hope even though Jessica is with Hoyt that somehow she will continue to get “training” on what it takes to survive as a vampire. Bill started with her training in season 3. Just hope it is enough.

Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO TBS3.10 Grafitti on the Compton home. Bill helping Jessica.

Just how we will see that part of the episode is not my only question. My bigger issue is will there be any repercussions from Bill’s attempt at cementing Eric? It does seem strange that there won’t be some type of punishment. I don’t see Eric harming Bill since he knows Bill was important in Sookie’s life at one time. Losing Bill would still cause her pain and I don’t think Eric would want that. Again just my observations. Season 4 will be showing fans the “other” side of Eric that we had glimpses of in season 3. Yes not all fans are viking vampire fans so this might be interesting for them to see. I try to stay away from the team mentality us versus them thought. It’s a fun show to watch and it doesn’t seem fun to bash at all.

Photo Credit:© 2011 HBO TBS3 finale. Eric saying to Sookie "I did not mean to cause you pain but you had a right to know" re. Bill's true purpose in Bon Temps.

The image below was from the wait is almost over video. It looks like Eric is still with all his “faculties” ie memory.



2.Jason learns that no good deed goes unpunished

Jason was featured in the waiting sucks video trailer tied to a bed looking quite a mess. Cuts, (bites) shown on his body. What did poor Jason do to deserve this? Is this the “no good deed goes unpunished”?


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO Waiting sucks video 3-Jason tied up and Crystal not helping!

I think the action from the screen caps of Jason being tied up are for the third episode of the season. The title is “If you love me why am I dyin'”. We might see whatever it is that Jason does to get that treatment in the season premiere.


Poor Jason! The image above does show a black blur  perhaps being the source of the pain for Jason. (and the cuts shown below from the wait is almost over promo)


Still will be interesting to see just how Jason adjusts to living in Hotshot.


3.Tara finds refuge in close quarters

Could the “close quarters” mean the cage fighting scenes that were mentioned in the casting call for episode 4.01? The character of Naomi is mentioned as being a fighter and has a love interest with a fellow fighter! I still believe that Luna is speaking of Naomi when she mentions  her ex to Sam in the waiting sucks video. There is also a question of is it Tara that Pam is throwing in the dungeon at Fangtasia (shown in the recent Wait is almost over promo). I still believe that it is Lafayette that Pam is tossing down there:


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO wait is almost over screen cap. (Pam tossing someone in the basement!)


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO wait is almost over screen cap. Definitely Pam doing the tossing!

Yes it looks like it could be Lafayette. But it could be Tara? Another screen image in the same trailer shows Tara holding a gun on someone in the basement at Fangtasia. Hmm could be she is breaking Lafayette out?

Tara is shown with Sookie sitting on the couch in Sookie’s home in the Invitation to the Set trailer. It looks like Tara is having a pretty deep conversation with her friend Sookie. Tara’s hair looks a lot longer than when we saw her in the Season 3 finale. Perhaps Tara is filling Sookie in on just what has been going on in her life (since Sookie was probably gone for a while in FaeLand):


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO Invitation to the set screen cap

Whatever it is ahead for Tara I hope she will face in style. The events of season 3 have left our usually sassy Tara a bit vulnerable. Perhaps Tara will have her very own “lie back and think of Estonia” moments!


4. Hoyt and Jessica debate the dinner menu

Jessica is shown at Fangtasia is the new promos for season 4. Looks like she has a lot of fun with Hoyt and also being a vampire. I wonder if the dinner menu issue has to do with her not liking  the synthetic blood. It was fun to see her eyeing the “dancer pole” at the vampire bar! It might be Jessica trying out a dance on there!


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO Wait is almost over screen cap.

I did a capture of the “wait is almost over” to try and see if it is Jessica-this shows the next scene as well (the panther). It almost looks like it is Jessica trying out the pole!


I just can’t see Hoyt’s mom giving Jessica a lot of dinner menu ideas for Hoyt. Also doubt that Summer will be giving her the recipe for her bisquits.


5. Terry tries to alleviate Arleneʼs fears about the baby

The only scenes with Terry and Arlene in the promo videos for season 4 seem to be taking place in the Halloween season. Waiting sucks video 6 also show us that the timeline does appear to jump ahead in season 4. Terry is shown with the baby!  I just hope whatever it is that Arlene is worried about makes sense. Just don’t want a demonic possesion or a storyline that does not make a lot of sense (please no maenad eyes on that baby!)

Waiting sucks. New videos help make the wait less painful.

2 thoughts on “True Blood Season 4 Premiere Episode Speculations

  1. Karen

    Excellent!!! I thought the same thing about Jessica and the pole. I also TOTALLY agree about Arlene’s baby…please don’t let the maenad reappear because that aspect of TB got old fast.

    It is hard for me not to be Team Eric since his creator–Charlaine Harris–has had him do so many of the protective things for Sookie (i.e., killing Long Shadow, feed her to heal her in Mississippi, etc.). I do often wonder why AB has let Bill be the one to do most of the good. Do you think it is to keep the Truebies off track to the potential Eric and Sookie storyline?

    I know I can’t wait for more AS…it has been too long to see him on my TV screen. 😉

    1. admin Post author

      Glad you liked the post! I love it when I see comments (LOL) yay! OMG I never thought I’d see Jessica dancing like that! Don’t know if Hoyt would approve of it though. It looks a lot like her. Of course they made it too difficult to really tell! But I hope she is having fun!

      Yes the baby. honestly I was over the Rene stuff in season 1! The maenad mess was crazy and I hope AB doesn’t make the baby demonic. I wrote about thinking that the doll may be possesed and perhaps Arlene is worried that the baby is the one that is bad. I hate that idea of a baby being evil. Babies are pure energy!

      It does drive me crazy when AB takes a great story and adds some little twists that make it unfair to Eric’s character. Yes the whole Longshadow deal was crazy. Heck the reason I started a website was due to the lack of Eric airtime in Season 1! Too much misunderstanding on his character at the time. I kept hoping that we would see more of the “other” side of Eric that I enjoyed from Charlaine’s world. We got a taste of it in season 3 for sure (the flashbacks with his family and why he was the way he was-the scenes with Pam were amazing).

      Great idea on perhaps AB doing it on purpose to keep the trubies off the scent! LOL he must try to think of ways to keep torturing/teasing the fans! yes I agree I can’t wait for season 4! thanks again for the commen!

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