Please Vote for Energizer “Keep Going Hall of Fame”

Jeff Benelli

Alexander Skarsgard has lent his support in the past to aid  the cause Choroideremia Research Foundation. As an admin I’ve had the pleasure of also helping out this amazing cause. Cory McDonald , who is an operations manager at CRF, has requested fans to please vote for Jeff Benelli who is in the running or the “Energizer Bunny Hall of Fame”. After being diagnosed with Choroidermia, a retinal degenerative disease, Jeff Benelli decided to turn a potentially negative situation into a very positive one. For the last 17 years, Jeff has devoted his life to his wife, children, and finding a cure for this disease. Despite losing most of his eyesight, Jeff works full-time and has run in six marathons to raise awareness and funding for this disease. Despite the pain he suffers and physical limitations he might face, Jeff continues to push past any boundaries for the chance to help others.

To vote for Jeff and to read more about the contest please visit the Facebook page here: To see all of the semi-finalists please click here:

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