GQ German Magazine interview of Alexander Skarsgard

Photo Credit: © Gert Krautbauer for Syfy

Jan Kirsten Beiner interviewed Alexander Skarsgard for GQ Germany magazine. The interview excerpt is below. Source:

A man who controls everything. Even the transatlantic split. The 34-year-old Swede is too busy in Hollywood, by the way he turned art-house films in Europe. A man with style, no doubt. Here he tells GQ what makes his life.

I was a child almost anything else seen as a Marx Brothers movies. Comedians, dancers, singers, musicians – I thought you’d have it all to be an actor. Took some time until I realized: it’s not true.

I do not think of my career, I think of interesting projects. Whether this in LA, Stockholm and elsewhere – no matter. When Lars von Trier calls me and orders six weeks in a suburb of Gothenburg, I don’t think about it for very long. Even if he pays nothing.

I am a family type. I speak of home, I mean Stockholm. Even though I have been living for years in the Hollywood Hills.

I try to always plan my vacations so that I can be at home to go to the football stadium. I’m a big fan of Hammarby IF. A traditional club. We have many fans – but not a good team. It plays in the second league. The stadium is dirty, it rusts, it is grass – and all are hooligans. As fotboll should be.

Forests, nature, skiing? No, I am indeed a Swede, but a city person. I grew up in the middle of Södermalm. 20 years ago, it was a rather nasty patch – now it is the Inviertel the city. My siblings and parents still live there.

My first passion was not in films but the music. My big hero Joakim Thåström had style, the singer of Ebba Grön, a Swedish punk band from the early 80s. I still listen to it. Others don’t know what to say when they meet Jack Nicholson – for me it’s like that when I’m at a concert next to this old punk rocker.

I grew up with bands like The Adverts, The Buzzcocks, The Clash and Joy Division. I loved her – even if I was born fifteen years later.

As for fashion, I am a great patriot – Sweden abroad must stop clinging to something. I wear almost only Swedish things. Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Hope, Whyred.

Update: The photo credit corrected 1/13/11 at the request of the photo editor of SyFy. For more information on the Germany dates that SyFy is airing True Blood please visit: Syfy Germany It is great seeing all the international fans enjoying True Blood!

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