Battleship Filming R and R for Alexander Skarsgard


Photo credit: Kristie Galy FB

Filming for  Berg’s “Battleship” has moved from Hawaii to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alexander Skarsgard was seen at the recent LSU football game on 11/6/10. Good to see him able to relax and take a break from the hectic filming schedule.  (he is shown in the photo above wearing the black and white shirt) Photo credit: Kristie Galy FB

One lucky fan was also able to have her photograph taken with Alexander. Click here for the photo. Again it is great to see him with the fans and able to relax.  True Blood season 4 is set to start fiming sometime this month (rumoured to start filming 11/15/10). I know many Eric fans just can’t wait to see season 4 and what it will hold for his character.

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