What Will Russell Do Next?

Photo Credit: HBO

As season 3 draws near to the season finale fans are wondering what will happen next? Eric Northman exacted a bit of revenge against Russell Edginton and Talbot met his final death. In episode 3.09, fans saw the King go all “vampbo” on live television and saying “we will eat you after we eat your children”.

Photo credit: HBO

Photo credit: HBO

I can only image what the AVL will do to try and salvage their public relations with humans. The look on Nan Flanigan’s face while seeing the King was just priceless. Oh and yes Nan Flanigan was enjoying a bit of natural true blood (not the synthetic version). I know that Eric Northman deserves to get his “revenge” against Russell but I will miss Talbot! He was one of the highlights in some of the drab episodes from this season.

HBO did not take long to have a way for Talbot fans to pay their respects for the witty Talbot. The HBO store recently added a “RIP Talbot” t-shirt to their site. The image below shows the t-shirt and link for the store. Talbot would be proud if he were not finally dead that Russell is mourning him deeply and also carrying him around in quite a classy crystal urn. (Still trying to figure out which Waterford pattern this might be) Any purchases made through the link will give the site a credit which I in turn donate back to charitable causes supported by Alexander Skarsgard.

True Blood R.I.P Talbot Men's T-Shirt

True Blood R.I.P Talbot Men’s T-Shirt

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