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True Blood Promo Video Episode 56

HBO posted the new trailers for episode 5.08 titled “Somebody that I used to Know”. The video is below:  “What Happened” (shows the vamps post New Orleans party crash)

Working on the screen caps now!!

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The song for this episode will most likely be this version by Goyte: Music Video

Read more: GOTYE – SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW LYRICS http://www.metrolyrics.com/somebody-that-i-used-to-know-lyrics-gotye.html#ixzz21kb1Hy20

SOURCE: MetroLyrics.com 


True Blood Season 5 New Promo Trailer

HBO aired another new trailer video before tonight’s Game of Thrones episode. Video below. Screencaps will be on this page on the site as soon as they are done! Gallery below will also have the screencaps Click on READ MORE For video and screencaps: UPDATE–there is another trailer on HBOGo that also features Lafayette!  Continue reading

Christopher Meloni Video Talking True Blood

One of True Blood’s newest vampires Christopher Meloni attended the Kid’s Choice Awards and HollywoodCrush Mtv was able to chat with him. The video below has some season 5 “spoilers” so don’t watch unless you want a bit of spoiling:

He teases: [box] “A lot of staking,” Chris said when asked what he’ll be up to as part of the scary vampire authority. When I mentioned that his equally hunky co-star Alexander Skarsgård had been singing his praises, Chris insisted that it’s Alex who is “so hot” and joked that he’s trying hard to earn his keep. “I’m doing the best I can to maybe rival their hotness factor, maybe a tad,” he said, before getting slightly serious.

“I’m trying to get all the vampires together. They’ve got to stop going around killing humans willy-nilly,” he said. “I’m having to kill a couple of people just to prove my point.”

Geez. Spoiler alert, Chris!

Finally, the question that has been on all of our minds since Mr. Meloni’s casting was announced: Does he get to keep his clothes on? Surely not, given the frequent nakedness of a lot of other cast members.

“Unfortunately,” he said.[/box]