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HBO 2014 Spring Preview Video Trailer


HBO aired a new spring preview trailer before the premiere of Game of Thrones last night. There were snippets of new True Blood season 7 in the trailer. Don’t  blink or you will miss it. Of course they did not show any new scenes of Eric Northman! Hopefully next trailer will have Eric!

This scene was definitely filmed on location (saw this filming):



This was the photo I took on location. The cast was looking into the camera and the screen cap above is how it came out:


Here are the caps showing True Blood action:


True Blood Trailers for Episode 47 Soul of Fire



Happy HBO True Blood  Trailer Thursday! Yes more previews today from HBO for True Blood:
Jason Stands up for Sookie:

Marnie Puked Antonia:

Where’s Marcus:

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True Blood Season 3 Finale Video and Photos Tara and Sam

Only a few more days for the Season 3 finale! HBO released another trailer for the finale. This one features Sam cooking breakfast for Tara. I love Sam and Tara. However, just what the heck does this cooking session have to do with the finale! Ok yes I want some more follow up to the Russell and Eric baking session! Oh well. Waiting still sucks. The video is below:

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