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True Blood Season 6 Episode 5 Spoilers!

Tonight HBO will air the fifth episode of the sixth season for True Blood. This episode is titled “F#ck the Pain Away”. Wetpaint has posted some interesting spoilers for the episode. Read at your own risk!!

True Blood Season 6 has been a whirlwind of vampires and faeries (both old and new), and this Sunday, Episode 5: “F*** the Pain Away” brings characters  together in shocking new ways.

No, we’re not only talking about Warlow’s hybrid faerie-vampire life — there is much more than meets the eye, and Truebies, you might want to sit down for these spoilers. Wetpaint Entertainment got a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, and after the crazy hour, nothing will be the same.

Read on for 5 things to know about the dramatic ep, then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories about the teases.

Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment’s philosophy on spoilers, click here.

1. After Benlow proclaims his love for Sookie, someone from her past walks in and physically takes control of the situation — and you won’t see it coming.

2. A shocking almost-hook-up changes a relationship forever, and later, one half of the duo in question walks in on the aftermath of her former love’s tryst. Awkward alert!

3. More than one huge reveal about a character made us gasp out loud, and said intel may cost someone his or her life.

4. Forget everything you know about at least one person’s death — everything changes with one flashback. This new information also leaves someone’s life hanging in the balance.

5. Prepare for a Gladiator-meets-Hunger Games style battle between two people that no one wants to see die.


Here are some of my thoughts on the above ‘spoilers'”


1- The someone from her past could be so many people. One that comes to mind was perhaps Sarah Newlin? tumblr_mpa7e7wSQF1qgs4hjo1_1280

She could be trying to get to Sookie in order to find out more about Eric Northman (we did see Steve Newlin at the Camp being asked about Eric.) Another option I can see would be fairy queen Mab. Perhaps Ben was of the royal family line and maybe he was Mab’s son (She did hate vampires). Also have a feeling that Sarah was getting ready to tell the Governor that she was pregnant.

tbs6promo605019 Whoever it is that stops Benlow in his tracks has to be powerful enough to do so.

2- The shocking hook up- well we have seen quite a few odd hook ups in the past so this one has a few possibilities. Vampire Jessica was left quite aroused after ingesting the teen halfling fairy blood. Could she almost hook up with Jason (again..not too shocking). Maybe Jason and Sarah Newlin have a hook up. (could it be shocking for Jason if Sarah were pregnant by the Governor?)  I could see Jessica walking in on Jason and Sarah’s aftermath.  I have even read a few speculations saying perhaps Billith and Jessica almost hook up (they are maker and child but have never done so).


3-Could the huge reveal have something to do with Pam revealing something about Eric while she is a prisoner at Vamp Camp? We do see Eric and Pam in the trailer coming out of the elevator at what looks like Vamp camp. If this is the case- number 5- could be a fight off between Eric and Pam (looks like Pam is holding a stake) Screencap-tbs6promo605039

UPDATE:  we saw some of the action related to a ‘fighting’ scene in the Weeks Ahead Promo trailer. Here is the cap for that scene: Looks more like Eric may fight Willa! Not sure but this would be a bad twist.


4- The death flashback scene could be related to the death of Sookie’s parents. The fairies re-enacted the scene on the bridge but Sookie did not see the actual way her parents died. Maybe it was not at Warlow’s hands? Could the fairies have had something to do with it? We do see Lafayette holding a seance to summon her parents.tbs6promo605017

Maybe Benlow says he did not kill them (who knows…)

Waiting sucks but at least the new episode airs in a few hours. Let me know what you think some of the spoilers might mean.

The caps below are from the Weeks Ahead trailer showing some of the action we have not yet seen on the show this season:

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True Blood Season 6 Audition Videos


Here are a few audition videos for several new characters for the sixth season of True Blood. The casting audition videos for : Ben, Violet, Nicole, Wes and Governor Burrell. A huge thanks to Ericandsookielovers forum for the videos: link here: (great and fun forum for fans to chat about the show)

Ben: (this actor did not get the part it was filled by Robert Kasinsky): SPOILERS it sounds like the scenes they are rehearsing in the video may be actual lines for the new season. If Ben is a teacher in the scene perhaps he is there to replace Luna (probably died from skinwalking too many times). Sounds like maybe Sookie is there to pick up her things? Character info from the casting call:

[BEN] Mid 20s to mid 30s. Ultra charming, ultra handsome. Needs to feel like the kind of guy women and men are completely drawn to, but also needs to possess a low-key quality, a southern gentility, that Sookie would find familiar and comfortable. His dark side, however, is dark, dark, dark…SERIES REGULAR. ONE-YEAR DEAL.

Audition video for the character of Violet:

Audtion tape for “Nicole” this role was filled by Jurnee Smollett: the character info from the casting call:

[NICOLE JANNSEN] Bi-Racial (African American / Caucasian) Mid 20s.   A true bleeding heart. She’s not at all concerned with money, she’s concerned with the common good and doing what’s right. Probably went to Bryn Mawr and drives an old Saab. Life hasn’t beaten her down yet.  She and her band of well-meaning liberal advocates model themselves after the civil rights activist “Freedom Riders” of the Sixties. A do-gooder to the core, Nicole’s naive optimism is charming but ultimately vaguely idiotic and dangerous…SERIES REGULAR

Audition Video for “Wes” this character will appear in episode 6.05. Character info from the casting call:

WES] Male, Mid to late 20s. Sexy, spiritually and emotionally deeper than any other vampires we’ve seen. Think cross between Jim Morrison and Gary Clark, Jr. with even more of a poet’s edge and an extremely well-toned body. He was made vampire in the 1970s. Wes is smart, compassionate, a good listener, a protector type and he can play the guitar. Face it, he is every woman’s dream but he doesn’t know it. He will be a part of a love triangle with Jason and another vampire. . Actor must be willing to show full rear nudity. Open to Caucasian and all ethnicities.

Governor Truman Burrell (this actor did not get the part- it was filled by Arliss Howard. I saw him at filming 1/31/13). Sounds like Steve Newlin is also in this scene. character info from the casting call:

[CREIGHTON BURRELL] Governor of Louisiana (Late 40s-60s) A classic good ol’ boy politician. Governor Burrell has despised vampires since his wife ran off with one, leaving him as a single father to their only daughter, Ali. Governor Burrell is a politically savvy and perhaps overly ambitious fella who tends to let his personal aspirations overshadow his humanity…SERIES REGULAR.

Waiting for the new season sucks. Really hope that HBO will release a new trailer for the new season during the Game of Thrones premiere on 3/31/13.

True Blood Season Six Filming On Location Governor Home Perhaps?


True Blood is filming on location at the home shown above in the photo. They appeared to be setting up today and will continue to be on location through Friday. (the last day will most likely be just for equipment removal). No cast was spotted there while I was there. I will go back tomorrow and see what is going on.


The size of the home and ‘look’ makes me think that this location will be used to film the interior shots for the new character – the Governor of Lousiana who will be played by Arliss Howard. The role of his daughter, Willa was recently cast and she will be played by Amelia  Rose Blaire.

The casting call for episode 6.02 called for the characters of the Governor and Willa so perhaps the filming will be for this episode. Waiting sucks!

Images in the gallery below show the preparations by the rigging crew and all the others involved in setting up for filming.



The windows are taped with black material to prevent light from leaking through. The material was later removed.

The home is over 15000 square feet and sits on a large lot (almost 86000 square feet). The home is a “historical” one built in 1914. It has 10 bedrooms and 10 baths! I knew the home looked familiar to me so I did some digging and found out that yes the home was used to film the TV series “Benson”. (a spin-off from the tv series “Soap”) I can’t wait to see just how the home will appear for True Blood!


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