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True Blood Conjuring Up Season 4 Promo

HBO will air a promo with the cast of True Blood on May 27, 2012. Video below shows cast and scenes from Season 4 of True Blood. They are “conjuring up” season 4 before airing season 5 premiere on June 10, 2012.

Gallery of screencaps:

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HBO also recently tweeted that they will show some season 5 scenes tonight.

Screencap from new version of Everything At Stake promo aired on NBC

(not sure if this is a typo or if they are showing the different version of “Everything at Stake” promo) Screencaps for that promo are on these links: Everything at Stake version 2  aired on NBC. Everything at Stake HBO version

UPDATE: here’s the video from HBO on the “conjuring up season 4” with the scenes that aired tonight from season 4:

Alexander Skarsgard Video Interview with Fox5 Las Vegas


Another great new video interview today with Alexander Skarsgard this one is from Fox 5 Las Vegas. He talked about his upcoming role in Straw Dogs. Alex said how it was a challenge for his to create his character of Charlie in Straw Dogs and make him more than a one note character  and make him more complicated. Also said a little bit on how we will discover in the last 2 episodes what will Eric do and if he will go back to being Old Eric. He also did a hello to a big fan!

Video on Fox5 site: Link:


True Blood Screencaps For Spellbound

Yes tonight was a True Blood SundayFunday! Episode 4.08 “Spellbound” airdate 8/14/11 will leave fans “spellbound”. The page on this site contains all the images for the episode including the trailers. Link here: The photos in the gallery below are from tonight’s episode click on the READ MORE for the full gallery.

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True Blood Spoilers We Will Be One


Boston Herald posted their Sunday special spoilers for True Blood fans! Yes episdoe 4.08 “Spellbound” is finally tonight. Here is what they teased fans with:

Witches vs. vampires – whose side are you on?

The war between the two factions escalates on tonight’s episode of HBO’s “True Blood” (at 9 p.m.). In“Spellbound?,” written by series creator Alan Ball, Marnie/Antonia (the sublime Fiona Shaw) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) face off in a cemetery.

Bill claims he wants peace, but he’s brought a small army with him, including Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). Things get violent fast, and Sookie’s life – and love life – just be taking yet another dramatic swerve.

“There’s no such thing as forever,” Sookie tells Eric earlier in the episode, and those words seem prophetic. The two take their intimacy to even greater – bloodier – levels.

Alcide (Joe Manganiello) vows to stay away from Sookie, but that’s a promise he cannot keep. Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a new enemy, while his brother Tommy (Marshall Allman) walks in a woman’s shoes. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is no longer himself – literally.

Jessica (Deborah Ann Wolf) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) experience not one but two wrenching break-ups. But Jessica discovers moving on with Jason (Ryan Kwanten) will not be that easy. Wolf and Parrack have been this show’s underrated stars. They give this show its emotional pulse, and I root for them even though their relationship seems about as doomed as anything in Bon Temps.


Waiting still sucks! Looks like  there will be a “blood exchange between Eric and Sookie tonight. This has been a crazy season and can’t wait to see tonight’s!

True Blood Vamp Season in the Sun Episode Recap

4-07082   True Blood aired episode 4.07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” on Sunday night and it was a doozy. True Blood fans probably never thought they would see so many of their favorite vampires awake during daylight hours. This episode did look like season 4 might be the vampire season in the sun! It did not bode well for one of vampires and the episode ended with one of the fan favorites seeing the sun for the first time since she was human. Click on READ MORE for the recap and HBO Video: Continue reading

True Blood’s Fiona Shaw on Playing the Witch, Rehearsing With Vampires, and Conjuring the Dead in Real Life

NY Magazine’s “Vulture” recently interviewed Fiona Shaw the witch we love to watch wreak havoc on True Blood. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Season four of True Blood is the season of the witch, i.e., the season of Fiona Shaw. In her role as the sorceress Marnie (who is possessed by the spirit Antonia), the actress is wreaking havoc among the vampires of Bon Temps: erasing Eric’s memory, melting Pam’s face, and generally bringing unwanted sunlight into their lives. It’s all great fun for Shaw, who didn’t get to do much in the way of magic as Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter series. Now she even gets to levitate. Vulture phoned the actress in London and talked to her about spotting witches on the subway and trying to conjure the dead.

Were you a fan of the books or the show before you signed on for this?
Alan Ball discouraged me from reading the books, which I don’t regret; I don’t want to hanker for material I don’t have. But when I started reading the scripts, and the first lot of Latin came my way, I knew there were challenges ahead! [Laughs.] And when we had the first read-through, and suddenly seeing all these vampires in person, that was very stunning. I had to adjust and remind myself that they’re all just actors. Nan and Pam, they’re my favorites. Both vampires, both very sour.

Were you disappointed they didn’t offer you a vampire role?
I’m glad I’m not a vampire, but I never thought about it beyond that! And you know, I’ve never seen a vampire show before this one. Can you believe it? [Laughs.] So I was very excited to play a witch. It puts the vocabulary of witches back on the imaginative scale, and it gives you a new eye for them. I’ve been playing at casting them when I’m looking at people at bus stops, on the subway: Who’s a vampire, and who’s a witch? That’s one of the delightful things about the series. Everyone looks normal in Sam’s bar, and then you look again, and you find they have more gifts, and more drawbacks. True Blood celebrates the fact that we should never underestimate anyone.

Did you talk to any Wiccans or attend any coven meetings to prepare for the role?
I did, a lot. I actually spent weeks going to meetings and visiting witches. I liked the idea that with some covens, if it gets too big, the members can move on and form a new coven and be like bees, swarm elsewhere. Rituals can be self made. You can make up a ritual. I watched them conjure the dead, and it’s very moving. It’s all to do with their beliefs, and how they call upon a family member, and you see the comfort they give to people.

Did you participate in any of those rituals?
I’m too busy trying to contact the living to try to contact the dead! [Laughs.] I’m happy not to do that.

Even though Marnie is the villain of the season, she considers her actions justified.
Oh, they’re very justified! She’s just getting on, practicing her little religion, and in comes this big thug who says she can’t practice it. What happened to democracy?

Although, if you’re going to have a big thug come after you, who better than Alexander Skarsgard? Are you Team Eric?
I’ll take him any day! [Laughs.] He’s a very nice young man. How is Sookie supposed to choose between her two vampires? It’s fantastically complicated.

Antonia has increased Marnie’s powers exponentially: She’s levitating! What else are we going to see your character do?

Well, the question would be, is Antonia running Marnie, or is Marnie running Antonia? For the full interview:

True Blood’s Fiona Shaw on Playing the Witch, Rehearsing With Vampires, and Conjuring the Dead in Real Life.