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True Blood Season 4 Video: Godric Visits Eric


Yes the title is correct. Looks like a ghost from the past is visiting Eric Northman in the video below. Some more mayhem is in store for the upcoming episode. (seriously this has to be a dream, Godric met the sun) Just some more mayhem conjured up to stir up the anti Eric sentiments that seem to be rampant this year. (not here of course)


EW InsideTV Eight New True Blood Season 4 Video Clips

True Blood fans have been waiting for the new season to finally start this upcoming Sunday! The fourth season will premiere on HBO and fans will finally end their TBWithdrawal.

Insidetv.EW.com has posted new season 4 clips from True Blood. The videos may be found on their site SOURCE

It will be fun to hear Eric Northman tell Sookie how her “blood tastes like freedom”. We do see also a scene involving Eric Northman and the witches! Yes waiting has sucked!!

True Blood Season 4 HBO Go Video Snippet Eric and Sookie

There was a little snippet of season 4 on the latest HBO Go commercial video that aired recently. We see a Sookie Stackhouse tossing off her towel and little does she know she is not alone! New Eric and Sookie action in the video below. Sadly it is just a quickie (no that the action but the video)

I spy a few new scenes in this teaser. Loved the look on both Sookie’s and Eric’s faces in the “towel tossing” scene! Tara does look like she goes in for a staking. Jesus and Lafayette get their kiss on. Oh and Arlene looks a bit upset in the kitchen (post baby delivery) Waiting sucks but the time will soon be here!

Gallery below has a few screen caps from the video above. Huge thanks to TB Italy and to janpero for uploading the video.

[nggallery id=262]

True Blood Season 4 New 3 Minute Sneek Peek Video

The new 3 minutes from  True Blood season 4 episode one is finally out! Huge thanks to DS from FB bookies!! And to Spoiler TV! Fans should go to HBO GO to view the best version of the video. HBO will take down ALL unauthorized copies of the video!

Round one of screen caps:

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True Blood Season 4 Promo “Sookie is Mine”


Waiting sucks but at least the premiere for the new season of True Blood is finally almost here. (ok it is still a month away but still getting closer). A new video promo aired today and this one features Eric Northman saying “You are mine” to Sookie! Oh my. I have a feeling Bill Compton will have something to say about this. I also have a feeling Alan Ball is playing mind games again with fans! The video below is the only one available now and I will add a higher resolution as soon as it is available.

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers Barry Bellboy



Another True Blood teaser video aired last night. This time it showed Sookie looking very surprised to see someone from season 2-Barry the Bellboy.

Photo Credit: ©HBO episode 2.05

Photo Credit: ©HBO episode 2.05

She met him at the Vampire hotel and discovered they shared something in common. It looks like Alan Ball is taking that special gift they share and making quite a story line for season 4. Modafinil without prescription https://www.rpspharmacy.com/product/provigil/

Photo Credit: ©HBO episode 2.08

Photo Credit: ©HBO episode 2.08

Bill’s maker, Lorena did say that Barry did taste a bit different when she sampled him in season 2. (did all telepaths all taste different?) Now it looks like Alan Ball is going down the fae way for telepaths. While it was great to see Barry again since I had wondered what happened to him. Now I do worry just what will we see in season 4 of the Fae  storyline. Just really hope that with all the new characters the story makes sense. Cheap Tramadol 50 mg online http://shattuckpharmacy.com/tramadol.html


HBO will show fans the first 3 minutes of season 4 of True Blood on 5/29/11 on HBO Go. The teaser video showed a bit more of FaeLand (Fae world what ever you want to call it. Still looks really odd to me the coloring is crazy). Seems that the full blooded fae are walking around dressed in white some are leading others by the hand. (these look like new visitors)


We see a bowl of “glowing fruit” in a few images. Some are shown eating this fruit.s4010_0

Also see some holding a glass. This area seems to be a welcoming area for recent arrivals.


Reminds me too much of special “food of the gods” from mythology. Perhaps this is where those who are not full blooded fae can go to grow stronger?  Sookie was first shown the special place when she was attacked by Bill and suffered severe blood loss. Also possible is that the fae are worried about the vampires who are now aware that they do exist. Bill Compton managed to find  his way there after consuming a lot of Sookie’s blood (Claudine feared that he had killed her). Claudine kept warning Sookie to not let him (ie Bill) steal her “light”. Perhaps consuming this glowy fruit helps restore any missing “light”.

Something tells me Alan Ball has done a little bit of reading into the concept of lightwork and energy work. Sookie first discovered her “microwave” fingers in season 2 with the Maenad and we saw bursts of light emanating from her hands. The Maenaed loved the tingly feeling it gave her!

Photo Credit: ©HBO 2.10 Sookie placing hands on Maenad and first time we see the light from her hands

Loved Sookie’s reaction to that: (the look on her face is definitely a  WTF moment)

Photo Credit: ©HBO 2.10 Sookie after zapping maenad

The next time fans see the magic fingers are in season 3 episode 5. Sookie is trying to fend off one ofKing Russell’s goons:

Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO TB 3.05 Sookie zapping KRE henchman


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO season 3

In the season 3 finale we see the light color change from the white/blue hue to an orange glow. The cap below shows the light coming from Sookie’s hand as she reaches out to Claudine. Perhaps her short visit  to FaeLand when she suffered  the blood attack helped advance her “powers”. It does look like season 4 will have much more airtime for the orange hued glow world.


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO Season 3.12 Sookie reaching out to Claudine. Light emanting from her hand

One question from the True Blood season 4 snippets and promos I have is why are the Fae shown guiding others to the world? They are wearing regular clothes (not looking like the “god and goddesses wearing togas”. Are they bringing all of fae blood into FaeLand for protection (or are they building up their ranks?)


Yes waiting sucks. Soon HBO go subscribers will have the chance to see the first 4 minutes of season 4. Can’t wait!


New True Blood Season 4 Promo from HBO

s4003There was a new promo for HBO go which aired today 5/22/11. On 5/29/11 HBO go customers can see the first 3 minutes of the new season! The video below shows a snippet! SPOILERS!!! Sookie sees someone familiar in FaeLand!

screen caps are first draft. Higher resolution in process.

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Alexander Skarsgard Video True Blood Season 4 Filming


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson

True Blood filmed at a historic location in Los Angeles and the video below is from that filming.  Video credit: cinematicdebris.com (Huge thanks!) This looks like it is rehearsal and fiming. SPOILERS!!! Alexander’s shirt can be seen in the video with blood splatters~Waiting SUCKS! The images at the end are of where they are filming (interior shots NOT from filming. Just show what the inside of the building looks like ) UPDATE: Added photos from the filming SOURCE: OLV Also- It looks like we see the character of Blackburn-cast by Aaron Perillo (he looks a lot like Alan Hyde).

Photo Credit: fallenstar OLV

Photo Credit: fallenstar OLV

Here is a screen cap from the video (of Alex signing autographs for fans). The video is not a high resolution so the cap is not the best.

True Blood Season 4 Wait Is Over Speculation


HBO did it again! A new True Blood video was released today and fans are LOVING all the great new action they are being teased with in the video! WARNING..MAJOR Possible SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read on if you don’t want spoiling!

More of my earlier questions were finally answered in this video. Here are a few of my speculations and observations based on the images from the video released today 5/12/11.

This screen cap is from the Spring Here we come trailer: 4/25/11


I thought it might be for the flashback scene with Bill set in a punk rock pub. They filmed this scene closeby and it looked very familiar. When I finally saw this image in the Wait is over video it confirmed my guess UPDATE: It does look like the flashback scene for episode 4.02. There was a casting call for the bartender-Callum. The scene is supposed to be London in the 1980’s Punk Rock Pub. (actual location for filming was Pasadena-Old Town Pub-a coworker used to own the bar) Bill is definitely in an 80’s type Punk style! ) the video from that filming is on youtube:


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO new promo-Flashback scene for Bill set in punk rock pub (filmed nearby)

Stephen Moyer’s character of Bill Compton is featured in the new season 4 video. Raises a few more questions-just what is Bill doing to this redhead? Flashing a bit of fang and also grabbing her by the neck OH MY! UPDATE: The redhead in the scenes with Bill may be Alexandra Breckenridge. She was cast for season 4 as a member of Marnie’s (played by Fiona Shaw) wiccan group.


There is definitely a new look for Mr. Compton. These scenes could be perhaps related to his new role with the vampire authority. We also did see some of the season 3 finale of Bill fighting Queen Sophie Anne.  (and the Queen looked like she was winning but you never know with Alan Ball!)

This screen cap shows Bill Compton in his hidey hole bed? looking a bit worried. tbs4022

Perhaps he is sensing that Eric is at Sookie’s home? tbs4032

Or is he worried about his child Jessica? Jessica is shown dancing at Fangtasia. The episode synopsis for the season 4 premiere states the Hoyt and Jessica debate about dinner menu. Perhaps Jessica is wishing she could take a bite out of someone at Fangtasia’s?


Jessica is also shown wearing a different dress and it looks like Fangtasia.


Seems like we will be seeing quite a bit of our favorite vampire bar this upcoming season. Pam is shown throwing someone into the dungeon down there! Looks like Lafayette might be in for some trouble.



Perhaps this is what is meant in the synopsis of “Jason learns that no good deed goes unpunished?””



The answer to what attacked Jason also shows in this video. No surprise to book fans but it will be amazing to see this in the new season.

The editing and timing of this video is once again perfect. Alan Ball has manage to whet fan’s appetites for more new True Blood. However do not be sure that the way the scenes are show are going to be the way they are shown in the episode! There are a few scenes that are definitely out of sequence. We see Eric going to the Moon and Goddess emporium (ok he pretty much busts through the door). tbs4054We did see a mix of Eric perhaps pre and post “amnesia”. Loved how Sookie Stackhouse at the end of the video give Eric a big punch and we hear Eric saying “why did you do that”. The look on Eric’s face here is PRICELESS:


Of course Sookie tells him “because in five minutes you’ll be healed since you’re a vampire”. Can’t wait. Oh and yes. No comment on the following items. Don’t want to spoil it or have anything get cut !! Yikes Yahoo Yum: UPDATE: taking second looks at some of the caps-I have a feeling this is another DREAM! UGH. Eric just does not look perhaps spellbound in this scene. Maybe it is Bill’s nightmare? WAITING SUCKS


not a dream Sookie.

But I’m way more interested in this one: Eric looks “amnesia” in this cap and not in the one above!


Of course HBO also included the amazing Joe Manganiello as Alcide! Loved how Sookie says to him “please stop making that noise” :


Waiting sucks even more now! There is a lot of amazing action ahead for True Blood season 4. Can not wait now.

All of the screen caps are on this page link here on this site.

True Blood Season 4 Teaser Video Featuring Eric


Here’s a new preview from the upcoming season four of HBO’s strange series “True Blood,” featuring Alexander Skarsgard (Generation Kill) as vampire Eric Northman. The video says he’s “dazed” . I do believe this is why Alexander kept saying that “Eric does not know who he is ” in season 4. I do believe we will have an amnesiac Eric!