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True Blood Season 3 Finale and Images

Photo Credit: HBO

Only one more episode of True Blood season 3 left! It will air on September 12, 2010. HBO posted the trailer for the finale below: SPOILER ALERT—

Images in the gallery below are from the trailer above. I still can’t believe that the season is almost over! It seems like yesterday that I was seated in the Arclight theater waiting for the season 3 premiere! (ok that was in June!) Where does the time go? Waiting for Season 3 is definitely going to “suck”.

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True Blood episode 3.11 new trailer and photos


Photo credit: HBO

Season 3 of True Blood only has 2 episodes remaining. Episode 3.11 #35 will air on Sunday 8/29/10 and the finale will air on 9/12/10. HBO released a new trailer showing Eric confronting Russell Edginton. The grieving vampire king wants to know why did Eric kill Talbot. The short video below shows that action.


Photo Credit: HBO

The emotions on the King’s face reveal so much pain. Eric also is one not without a lot of strong emotions in the short clip.


Photo Credit: HBO


Photo Credit:HBO

His voice is calm but a controlled anger and the words seem like acid in his throat. The gallery below contain the screencap images from this trailer. Waiting does suck but with only 2 episodes remaining fans will be left without ANY new True Blood soon. Waiting for season 4 will be endless!

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True Blood trailer video Pam Questions Eric


Photo Credit: HBO

HBO posted another trailer promo for episode 34 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”. In this video we find Pam and Eric at Fangtasia. Pam is questioning her maker. The gallery below contains the screen capture images from this video. Pam is showing concern and also a bit of frustration with her maker and his actions.


Photo Credit: HBO

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