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True Blood Season 4 Billboard On Sunset

Waiting Sucks but now True Blood fans can take a look at the new season 4 billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles! The billboard features one of the “show your colors” posters with Anna Paquin surrounded by the trio of men-Alexander Skarsgard (as Eric Northman), Stephen Moyer (as Bill Compton) and Joe Manganiello (the werewolf Alcide Herveaux). The new season of True Blood will premiere on June 26, 2011.

Don’t forget to check out the HBOGo feature on Sunday for more of the season 4 promos.

SOURCE: on the side of the 9000 building along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

True Blood Season 4 New Photos

Photo Credit: ©2011 John P. Johnson/HBO

HBO is helping True Blood fans who are going through their TBWithdrawal by finally releasing some new season 4 photos! Eonline posted  14 new images of the True Blood cast in their gallery.

Waiting sucks but at least now fans can get a chance to enjoy the new photos!

Photo Credit: © 2011 John P. Johnson/HBO

Love this one of Pam-it is from “If you love me why am I dyin”. Huge thanks to DS for the great find!! And also to TB Italy!

TBS 4.03 If you Love me why am I dyin

oh and yes love Lafayette with the mohawk:


Oh my my-Hoyt and the CREEPY DOLL.  Yes it is from the season 3 finale! Wrote about this doll in a speculation post here:


The main page for True Blood on this site can be found here under Filmography:

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