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True Blood Episode 52 Promo Sookie Confesses & Alcide Tells Half Truth

True Blood episode promo for episode 52, “We’ll Meet Again”. Sookie confesses to Jason.

And the third clip released today: Alcide Tells a Half Truth:

True Blood Everything Is At Stake Promo Video

Here’s a video promo for season 5 of True Blood (a mix of some of the prior trailers). Spoilers! Don’t look if you don’t want some spoiling! I spy a female hand digging her way out of the dirt (a vampire hand perhaps?) Waiting SUCKS

The screencaps are in the gallery below:

[nggallery id=390]

This is the cap of perhaps a certain vamp ‘maker’ coming out of the dirt:

What is Lafayette doing here? Hopefully not staking a certain new vampire?

I don’t think he goes through with it since we see him here: blood free

So what do you think is going on fans?