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True Blood Season 7 On Location Filming Main Street Wasteland


True Blood was on location today filming episode 2 for their final season. On location were Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten, Chris Bauer, Sam Trammel and Joe Manganiello. The location used was an art colony made to look like an abandoned city. The street signs showed “Saint Alice Parish” and the windows were all boarded up on the businesses. Continue reading

New True Blood Season Six Poster



True Blood finally released a season 6 poster shown above. No One Lives Forever is the tag line and it features a blurry image of a vampire. Just which one it is we can’t tell yet (but it looks like Bill Compton to me). Source:

The season six will air on June 16, 2013. Waiting has sucked but the new season is almost here!!

A lucky fan was able to get a photo of Alexander Skarsgard filming for the new season of True Blood (they were filming on location) Hopefully this will help end some of the many rumors surrounding Eric’s future on the show. Pretty sure they are filming the final episodes for this season and Eric still looks pretty “undead” in the photo:




True Blood Season Six On Location Filming Bellefleur Home


True Blood is busy filming for it’s sixth season. They were on location in Los Angeles for the home that is used to film the interior shots for the Bellefleur home.


The home next door was also being used to stage and hold the props for the scenes.


You never know just who you might see walking out. Todd Lowe, Terry Bellefleur walked by:


Todd Lowe gave a big wave hello to the fans there! Also spotted a Renard Parish Sheriff’s car outside the home. Chris Bauer was seen last night at the fliming.


Could also see many props, wardrobe items and yes some other new characters that looked like they would be in the interior scenes. Waiting sucks but at least they are busy working on the new season.dsc_0471

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True Blood Season Six On Location Images Eric Northman


True Blood is busy filming season 6 and I was able to watch some of the rehearsals and filming last night. It is not often that they are close enough to where I live for me to be able to see this so I just had to head over! It always pays to be nice to the neighbors in the are. When I was at this location last week I chatted with one of the neighbors who is also a big True Blood fan and they mentioned that they might be back this week and yes there were!


Alexander Skarsgard was on set filming for his role of Eric Northman It was great to see him in action as Eric.

Alex was also very kind and took photos with fans that had been there to watch and he also signed some autographs. It was great to see just how amazing he is with his fans.

I’m pretty sure he was tired and would have loved to just gone straight home but he took the time to come over and take many photos with the fans.


He even re-took a photo with a fan whose photo was blurry. Alex was “of course it’s blurry take another one”. (the fan above is a big fan of his and was so happy to finally meet him and have her photo taken with him!)

It will be interesting to see this episode in season six. I believe it was rehearsal and filming for episode 6.02. Once again I was amazed at how many people work behind the scenes to film and create the episode for fans. Some more photos of the crew:


Sorry that some of the images are blurry. We were very far from the rehearsals and it was very dark causing lots of ‘noise’ for my camera. I’m uploading the images to a new gallery. I’ll update this post soon! Enjoy. Waiting sucks but it will be worth the wait!!

UPDATE:  First batch of photos are up on the gallery on this page:

True Blood On Location Filming Historical Home for Season 5

True Blood season 5 location filming

True Blood season 5 will premiere on June 10, 2012 and have been very busy filming for a few months now. Recently the show was filming on location (not on a set) at a home that was built in 1882. It is the oldest home in the city. The home was officially named a National Historic Place in 1994. This home has been featured in many commericials, music videos and also on television.



Just what scenes will we see on True Blood from this location? Ryan Kwanten was seen during filming. Unfortunately he was gone by the time I got there. (same day as the Battleship premiere). Some of the casting calls had “Jason” dealing with rowdy parties.

This home would work for a fraternity party or perhaps for the home of the Judge that was in an earlier casting call. Whatever it is at least the premiere will soon be here!

Here are some exterior shots.

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Here are some of the images from the interior of the home (from the home website). It has many beautiful rooms including many intricate woodwork details.

HIstorical Home used for True Blood filming season 5Music room


True Blood Filming On Location New Orleans

Lucky fans in New Orleans are getting to see some True Blood season 5 being filmed! Two photos have been found on twitter. The one above shows Alexanders Skarsgard in a scene. Stephen Moyer, Carolyn Hennesy and Michael McMillian are also on set for filming in New Orleans. Wonder what they are filming for the new season? Perhaps a Mardi Gras scene?

Waiting Sucks!! Can’t wait to see the new season! source photo 1: @JanMichaelDC Source photo 2: @daveysaginger

A great collage of Alex from filming link here:

UPDATE: Denis O’Hare was also on set:


He is shown above from a fan photo from filming. Page here on site has a gallery of all the images:  Click on READ MORE Continue reading

True Blood Season 5 Filming Photos


True Blood has been busy filming for their fifth season. Recently the show was filming on location at a site which is historic. The building was built in the 1800’s and has been used in several commercials and other shows. Click on read more for the gallery of images of the exterior of the building where filming was held: Continue reading