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True Blood Episode 47 Soul of Fire Song


True Blood episode 4.11 is titled “Soul of Fire”. There is a song with this title by the group Witch. Knowing Alan Ball he might use this one alone just for the group’s name since the witches have wreaked a lot of havoc this season. Not sure if this will be the version we hear at the end of the episode. It is one of the only versions out there with that title (there are mnay songs with Soul on fire) Here are the lyrics:

Hold on t-t-together baby
gotta get out of here
hollow moon is rising
and the sky is clear
so I got a feeling
I got a frenzy
of burning fires
till the darkness ends

Oh see the witch you can see now
gotta let your mind go
gotta free your body
gotta have a drink now
I’ve seen the serpent
I’ve seen the spirit
oh the smoke has told me
that I cannot hold it
Look out!

here’s the video- the music reminds me of the pyschedelic rock of the 70’s.

True Blood Trailers for Episode 47 Soul of Fire



Happy HBO True Blood  Trailer Thursday! Yes more previews today from HBO for True Blood:
Jason Stands up for Sookie:

Marnie Puked Antonia:

Where’s Marcus:

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True Blood Promo Video 4 x11 Soul of Fire

Let the True Blood fangover begin! Yes tonight’s episode was action packed but based on the promo that aired after tonight’s episode 4.11 will be even crazier. (oh and this is the one that was filmed on location in La Puente!)

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