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Boston Herald New True Blood Spoilers Double Proposal


True Blood fans finally have a new episode tonight! Yes episode 4.09 “Let’s Get Out of Here” will air and based on some of the new spoilers from Boston Herald it is going to be another action packed one. SOURCE:

In tonight’s plot-crammed episode of HBO’s “True Blood,” Sookie (Anna Paquin) comes to a realization, a ghost makes a final farewell and the witches rain blood on the vampires’ party.


In “Let’s Get Out of Here” (at 9 p.m.), say hello to a bloody menage a trois: Sookie’s latest brush with death has her dreaming of a future with both Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) – at the same time. Now how is she ever going to convince the two alpha-bangers into sharing her?


A possessed Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) storms Hoyt’s (Jim Parrack) home with baby in tow. In the siege that follows,Jason (Ryan Kwanten) realizes Andy (Chris Bauer) is addicted to v-juice and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) proves he is one powerful brujo, working his magic to bring peace to a distraught ghost and freeing Lafayette. It’s great to see one of “True Blood’s” stories wrap up so conclusively, even if sum result of this story, as poignant as it becomes, does not live up to its creepy opening.

Speaking of possessed,  Eric remains in thrall to Marnie/Antonia (Fiona Shaw), who has a supernatural way of keeping her followers in line. A jealous Debbie (Brit Morgan) visits Sookie, whose telepathy picks up the wrong thing at the wrong time.  At a “Festival of Tolerance,” Antonia strikes, turning the party into a bloodbath. Her ultimate goal: the destruction of King Bill, using his own minions against him – and not even Sookie’s warning may save him in time.

Waiting really sucks!



True Blood Screener Spoilers for Upcoming Episode


AfterElton just posted his True Blood “home stretch” spoilers for the upcoming episode. He teased what True Blood fans might see on Sunday’s episode 4.09. For the full review please visit his great review link here: here is an excerpt:

As we head into the final stretch of this season of True Blood, we can be sure of thing: Alexander Skarsgård has no problem flashing his derriere for the camera. Seriously, I’ve lost track of how much male butt cheek we’ve seen this season since this is one of those rare shows where we see see the guys as naked as much as the women, if not more.


Alas, having seen next week’s episode, I’m sorry to report that Alexander’s bare bum is nowhere to be seen. On the plus side, Joe Manganiello finds yet another reason to drop trou.


What else can you expect in next week’s ep? Lafayette and Jesus get some nice moments together as things come to a head after Lafayette’s recent possession by a dead woman looking for her child. Fans of the couple should be especially pleased as their relationship becomes central to how the storyline plays out.

Elsewhere, everyone’s been talking about what Sookie feels for Eric and Bill, and whether or not she is torn between the two. I won’t say whether or not this episode resolves that, but I will say we have some interesting discussion of sexual politics that we don’t often see addressed in popular culture. It will definitely be interesting to see what more they do with this.

WAITING STILL SUCKS! yes looks like we will have to wait and see just what mayhem MarniA will have in store for her new “servant” Eric Northman. By the dropping trou comment for Joe I’m guessing he will help Sookie out with her healing perhaps by shifting back into wolf form (and licking the wound perhaps?). Yes this is the episode where we will have the “Dream Shower Scene” where Sookie will dream of Eric and Bill both in her shower. (Screencaps above are from the TCA trailer) Page here on site is where I wrote about his dream scene last month:

Should not be a big surprise to fans but yes Alan Ball loves to have his special twist on things.



True Blood Season 4 Episode 4.09 Possible “Songs”

The music in True Blood has always been something as a fan I always have looked forward to every episode. I keep forgetting to post my “guesses” for possible songs that will be featured when I post the episode titles. I’ll start with the most recent episode title-Episode 4.09 is tentatively titled “Run”. There are several songs that have that as their title. Alan Ball spends a good amount of time researching songs on iTunes and really picks just the right one to set the mood for the episode.

I have a feeling that the song by Vampire Weekend may be the one chosen. here is the video with lyrics. It does seem to fit.

Another possibility might be this version “Run” by Gnarles Barkely. (but it seems to say Run Away but it is titled Run..)

We’ll find out when the episode finally airs! Waiting SUCKS!