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True Blood Season 6 New Promotional Images

TBS6EricNorthmanTrue Blood added some new promotional images for the cast of True Blood on Facebook.


We have our first glimpses of new characters for this season including Rutger Hauer and Jurnee Smollett. Images in the gallery below. Photo credit : HBO J. Johnson 2013


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True Blood Season Six On Location Filming Bellefleur Home


True Blood is busy filming for it’s sixth season. They were on location in Los Angeles for the home that is used to film the interior shots for the Bellefleur home.


The home next door was also being used to stage and hold the props for the scenes.


You never know just who you might see walking out. Todd Lowe, Terry Bellefleur walked by:


Todd Lowe gave a big wave hello to the fans there! Also spotted a Renard Parish Sheriff’s car outside the home. Chris Bauer was seen last night at the fliming.


Could also see many props, wardrobe items and yes some other new characters that looked like they would be in the interior scenes. Waiting sucks but at least they are busy working on the new season.dsc_0471

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True Blood Season Six Filming On Location Images – The Bellefleure Home



True Blood is in full swing for season 6 filming. They were on location today for the home that is used to film the interior shots of the “Bellefleure Mansion”. The gallery below contains the photos that I was able to take. The filming was inside the home but we were able to see Carrie Preston, (Arlene), Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleure) and Chris Bauer- aka Sheriff Andy Bellefleure.

Carrie gave a wave to the fans who were there to watch:


Todd was super cool and gave me a ‘hook em horns’ sign (he’s a graduate of the University of Texas). The Los Angeles Police Officer who was on set was one of the nicest guys ever! He was fun to chat with and it was great to see how much work goes into the set preparation and all that the people behind the scenes actually do for fans.


Chris Bauer was awesome! He came over to us (we were not allowed to cross the street) and said hi and allowed fans to take some photos. I asked him how was filming going for season six and he said great and that he’s having a lot of fun so far.


Filming was inside the home (the windows were taped up):



Saw some new faces as well for the filming. The assistant below was holding their wardrobe:


More wardrobe:


Waiting for the new season SUCKS but at least they are very busy filming for season six!

Images in the gallery below were taken by site admin.

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UPDATE: here’s a video of our group chatting with Chris Bauer:

True Blood’s Todd Lowe New Play Day Drinker’s Opens in SoCal


True Blood’s season 4 just ended and fans are feeling the pain of waiting for the new season to start. Southern California Truebies are in luck! Todd Lowe who plays Terry Bellefleur on True Blood is appearing in a new play “Day Drinker’s” at the Odyssey Theater. I contacted the press office and have received a special discount offer  for tickets just for  True Blood fans. CLICK ON READ MORE: Continue reading

True Blood Season 4 Red Carpet Premiere and After Party Photos


The True Blood season 4 red carpet premiere was held last night at the Arclight theater in Hollywood. Sunset Boulevard was packed with fans and media covering the event for many media outlets. I was present at the premiere and also at the after party which was held at Social Hollywood club immediately following the premiere.

True Blood’s episode 4.01 “She’s Not There” was shown during the premiere as well as an extended trailer showing some action for the rest of True Blood’s upcoming fourth season. The new season looks like it will be an amazing one. I don’t wish to ruin the premiere by posting spoilers.


The cast seemed so happy to have been able to give fans another great season and can’t wait for everyone to see the new season. Alexander Skarsgard was super gracious to all the fans who waited outside in the blazing sun for over 7 hours just for a chance for a photo with him. He bypassed many of the big media outlets and walked right over to the fans who wished to have autographs or photographs. He appreciates all the fans and it was great to see that. I was able to chat for a short while with him and also expressed my gratitude for how he treats his fans and how much they appreciate that. Oh and the only photograph I took with cast were of course with Alexander (I hate my photograph but I could not miss the chance to have my photo with Alex)


I will write up more on the event and party when I have fully recovered from the “Fangover”. Kudos to HBO for an amazing evening and also to the cast who worked super hard this year to provide what looks like what will be another great season of True Blood. Waiting sucks but at least our wait is almost over! The new season will start on Sunday June 26, 2011. For HBO Go subscribers the second episode will be available soon after the first episode airs.

Several of my images are available without a watermark at the photo agency I work with: PR Photos Link here (available for websites and editorial usage)

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