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Alexander Skarsgard Featured in Empire’s List of 100 Sexiest Movie Stars


UK magazine “Empire” published their list of 100 Sexiest Movie Actors. Alexander Skarsgard was listed as #30. The image above is of Alex from the film “The East”.


Magazine text states:

Poor Sweden. A glut of smart, complex thrillers had finally convinced us that maybe the country wasn’t just full of tall, blond sex-objects, and then Alexander Skarsgard hit screens in True Blood and the entire nation was once again reduced to a shallow, sexy stereotype.

In films, he’s adorable in What Maisie Knew as stepfather to a small girl, but there’s just no getting past Eric the Vampire in True Blood, slinking about Louisiana like he owns it.

Here he is whipping up the crowd for his team at a Swedish football match.

DSC_6494 (1)

Alternative Endings for The East

DSC_6494 (1)

The film “The East” will be out on dvd on September 17, 2013. Alternative endings for the film are available in the dvd extras. The film starred Alexander Skarsgard, Brit Marling and Ellen Page. video links below: Huge thanks to H for the heads up!! Also to WSJ for posting the videos. UPDATE:   The DVD is out TODAY!! It was great hearing the dj’s on my local radio station talking about the release of the film today! (especially loved hearing them say that Alexander Skarsgard starred in it!)  

Alternative Ending 1

Alternative Ending 2

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Alexander Skarsgard Talks The East

USWeekly The East

The June 10, 2013 issue of US Weekly features “The East” with three and a half stars (out of 4 total possible stars) and an interview withe Alexander Skarsgard.



I’m surprised that the press always thinks it’s a new thing for Alex to do a nude scene! He’s said it many times that he’s Swedish and yes he likes to be nude! The question for True Blood season 6:  Still fun? “Yes! I get six months off a year to do other work. And there’s always crazy stuff going on with my character!”

Can’t wait to see his film “The East” again. It opens today in select theaters. Also can’t wait to see the season 6 premiere of True Blood.

DSC_6494 (1)

The East Los Angeles Red Carpet Premiere Photos

DSC_6494 (1)

Alexander Skarsgard and his cast mates for the film “The East” were in attendance for the LA red carpet premiere held on 05/28/13 at The Arclight Theater in Hollywood. The cast was introduced in front of the theater before the film was premiered. I was able to get some quick photos of Alex, Ellen Page, Brit Marling, Zal Batmanglij, Aldis Hodge, Hillary Baack, and Patricia Clarkson.


The film was a very thought provoking one. The suspenseful film features Brit Marling as former FBI agent, Sarah Moss who goes deep undercover into the anarchist group “The East” (run by Benjy played by Alexander Skarsgard).

DSC_6485 (1) It was a very good movie. Still writing up the film review. The gallery below has the images from last night.


Apple Meet The Filmmakers Event in NYC Podcast Available


iTunes now has available the video from the “Meet the Filmmakers” held in NYC at an Apple store with the cast and director of “The East”. Join director Zal Batmahglij and cast members of “The East,” as they discuss their new espionage thriller.



The film follows an operative for an elite private intelligence firm that ruthlessly protects the interests of their corporate clientele. Assigned to infiltrate an anarchist collective known for covert attacks on major corporations, she finds herself unexpectedly torn between two worlds as she starts to fall in love with the group’s charismatic leader.

The podcast is availble on iTunes on the link here:


Alexander Skarsgård on Cooking Beef Bourguignon and Eating Food Off the Floor


Photo Credit: MIke Coppola Getty Images

Jennifer Vineyard recently interviewed Alexander Skarsgard on his film The East and also his role in True Blood. Below is an excerpt.

Buy Nothing Day, an international protest against consumerism, inspired Alexander Skarsgård’s new film, The East. In the thriller, some of the characters practice freeganism: avoiding waste by reclaiming and eating discarded food. Off-camera, Skarsgård’s actually quite fond of freshly cooked food, and he became the chef of the cast (which includes Brit Marling and Ellen Page). At Monday’s screening of the film at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema, Skarsgård shared his go-to recipes, thoughts on waste, and why his True Blood character, Eric, no longer just sees humans as food.

Brit [Marling] says that you’re actually a fabulous cook.
I enjoy it. What’s my thang? It’s different to cook for these guys, because they’re all vegans. I like to cook stews like beef bourguignon and coq au vin. I made them a lot of pasta and veggies. Zal [Batmanglij] and Brit had a house in Shreveport [Louisiana], and we would go and hang out there on weekends. We would hang out and cook and drink wine and dance and occasionally get some work done.

One of the interesting ideas the film brings up is how much food is wasted in this country. Do you have a rule for how long food is on the floor before you don’t eat it?
I come from a very big, large family with tons of kids, so I’m pretty used to eating off the floor. With seven siblings, you grab whatever you can. We throw away so much good food in this country, and we don’t even think about how much we waste. We’ve created a society where we consume so much — not just food, but everything. And I’m not judging. I’m part of that system. It’s good to be aware of it.

I’m hoping Eric gets something to do with the whole Warlow conspiracy on True Blood.
We’re shooting the last two episodes, and he might get involved in that. We’ll see. I’ve had a great time this year. It’s a big war going on. Humans are fighting back. They’ve figured out a way to actually be a real threat to vampires. They’ve always just been food to Eric. So, for the first time, he’s got to fight.

SOURCE: Alexander Skarsgård on Cooking Beef Bourguignon and Eating Food Off the Floor.

Photo Credit: N.Bezar

Alexander Skarsgard Photos from SXSW 2013


Alexander Skarsgard is in Austin for the SXSW Music and Film Festival for the screening there of his film “The East”. The photo above is from the event. (My friend is in the bottom right corner of the photo). So happy for all the fans there.

She sent me this photo of Alex:

Photo Credit: N.Bezar

Photo Credit: N.Bezar

More images will be added as they start popping up! My friend has video of her and Alex from the event. So happy again for all that are there!!

More photos: Askars’ tumblr:



US Theatrical Release Date for ‘The East’

TheEastAlexanderSkarsgardAlexander Skarsgård’s movie, ‘The East’ now has a U.S. theatrical release date! Check it out below!

According to Box Office Mojo.com, the US theatrical release will be on…

 Are you ready for it?

May 31, 2013


That’s not all…“The East” will be closing out the SXSW Film Festival which will be held in Austin, TX from March 8-16, 2013!

This is what they said about the film;

We’re also excited to share the final round of programming for SXSW Film 2013, including our Closing Night Film The East, from alum Zal Batmanglij, and starring Brit Marling, Alexander Skårsgard and Ellen Page.

The East
Director/Screenwriter: Zal Batmanglij, Screenwriter: Brit Marling

An operative for a private intelligence firm goes undercover to infiltrate a mysterious anarchist collective attacking major corporations. Bent on apprehending these fugitives, her loyalty is tested as her feelings grow for their charismatic leader.
Cast: Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, Ellen Page, Toby Kebbell, Shiloh Fernandez, Julia Ormond, Patricia Clarkson

This is very exciting news for all of us Alex fans! This sounds like one of those MUST SEE films this year!

There’s only one problem… Who’s going to buy the drinks and popcorn? LOL

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers for the head’s up!


USA Today “The East” Eco-Thriller


USA Today posted an interview with Alexander Skarsgard from Sundance 2013. The article is below. It mentions how in the process of filming the cast all became very close more like a family than a job.

PARK CITY, Utah — In The East, a clever thriller that blurs the line between right and wrong, working together is key among a group of radical eco-activists.

Three of the stars and director Zal Batmanglij say they enjoyed a collaborative, convivial spirit as they shot the film, which is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival.

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that close to a cast and crew before,” says Alexander Skarsgard. “Everyone was so passionate about it. Every single person behind the camera cared so much, too. It wasn’t just a job.”

Skarsgard plays Benji, the leader of an underground collective that employs guerrilla tactics to avenge corporate misdeeds. Brit Marling is Sarah, an intelligence agent who is sent to infiltrate the group but begins to feel some sympathy for those she was hired to investigate. Her confusion is complicated by a growing attraction to the charismatic Benji. Ellen Page plays Izzy, a fanatical group member who competes with Sarah for Benji’s affections.

“What’s weird is that spies and anarchists actually have a lot in common,” says Marling. “They know how to pick locks, they know how to infiltrate. So Sarah, with all her espionage skills, is actually well-suited to be an anarchist, and she sort of finds that out along the way.”

Adds Page: “I think the film creates this ethical murkiness, this gray zone that is very compelling. And I’m extremely interested to see it go out into the world and see how it provokes people and the conversation that it creates.”

If Sundance is any indication, there should be plenty of discussion.

“At a screening today at 8 in the morning, we were walking out, and this woman grabs my arm,” says Marling. “She’s maybe in her mid-40s, and she’s in tears and says, ‘I work for a pharmaceutical company, and this movie just blew my mind. It’s changing the way I think about everything, about my career, about what I do for a living, and I don’t know what the answers are, and I don’t know what it means about what I should do next, but I’m thinking about it.’ It was really intense.”

Batmanglij and Skarsgard encountered other shaken audience members.

“These CEOS came to where we were having dinner, and the gist of what they said was, ‘If your movie can get us to have the conversation we just had at dinner, then imagine what else it can do,’” Batmanglij says.

Skarsgard says the process of developing his character with Marling, who co-wrote the script with Batmanglij, was “alive and organic. Something changes and becomes a little better the night before you shoot a scene. That’s not always the case. You don’t always work with filmmakers who are willing to invite you into that process.”

To illustrate the spirit of teamwork on the set, Marling cites an example from the first day of shooting “where Ellen is basically naked on the ground with some flowers, and 12 people who she just met the day before are standing around staring down at her for an entire day. It was freezing cold, and it was an emotional, very intense day, and she just did it.”

Marling says her bravery “set the bar so high for the way in which we were all going to approach this work that the next day, when everybody had to get naked and bathe each other, nobody complained. Everybody just stripped down in the water and did it. The result was that there was this kind of intense intimacy with everybody and a real bravery in terms of approaching the work and the desire to go all the way there, even go way past the script.”

Batmanglij and Marling say their shared love of thrillers generated the idea for the film.

“We’d been fascinated by the idea of activism and the idea of setting a thriller with a different backdrop,” Batmanglij says. “I’m so tired of seeing corrupt CIA. Or now theZero Dark Thirty badass CIA. There are other places that are thrilling. So we wanted to set a thriller in that space.”

A few summers ago, the pair spent a couple months traveling in a fashion similar to the movie’s group, known as the East, to see if they could live for that long without spending money. They spent time with “freegans,” an anti-consumer group who eat discarded food in their pursuit of a moneyless existence.

“We wanted to have some adventure, and we didn’t have any money,” says Marling. “We learned to hop trains, we learned to sleep on rooftops, we learned to claim the space that feels so private. We joined this anarchist collective.”

Skarsgard was drawn to the film for its moral complexity.

“One of the reasons I fell in love with the script is because it was such a hot topic, but it wasn’t propaganda,” he says. “Even these eco-anarchists are not a monolithic group. Some of them are willing to go further than others. It’s morally a very interesting question: How far are you willing to go? A person might be a terrorist to someone and a freedom fighter to someone else. It’s a little more complicated than good guy vs. bad guy, which makes it interesting and real.”

Now, after the two-month shoot in Shreveport, La., actors and filmmakers are especially eager to gauge audience reaction at the festival.

“It was a big moment to sit down and watch it with not only your friends, but also 1,300 strangers,” Skarsgard says. “And it’s kind of like, ‘All right, here’s our little baby, see what you think. I hope you like it.’”



The East Official Trailer With Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page, Brit Marling


The official trailer for the film “The East” is below. The film stars Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page and Brit Marling. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2013.

JarretSays tweeted the image below from The East

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Gallery below has screencaps of the Alex scenes from the trailer