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Alexander Skarsgard Talks Straw Dogs WIth Sacramento CBS Video

CBS morning news spoke with Alexander Skarsgard on his upcoming film, Straw Dogs. They even spoke with him on Zoolander and asked if he was fish #21 on Sponge Bob! Great to hear him say if it is on the internet is must be true! (he was in Zoolander not in Sponge Bob)

Great video interview:

Alexander Skarsgard On Regis and Kelly Video


Alexander Skarsgardf appeared on the Regis and Kelly Live show today 8/3/11. This video is courtesy of Eonline Marc Malkin thank you!!: (this one has an advertisement that runs automatically when you click on the link)

Eonline video from Regis and Kelly:
A huge thanks to Jody for the video below:

Here is a link to their website: Regis and Kelly

Alex even flashed a little bit of his abs:




Love this photo of Alexander from the set: SOURCE:

The gallery below has some screen caps:

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Eric Northman True Blood Spoiler Come Play with Me

A spoiler image shown above has surfaced showing Eric Northman in the daylight. The video below shows a very playful Eric swimming in the daytime. (now the spoiler makes a bit more sense). Looks like ingesting so much Fae blood has a lingering effect! Just hope he fares ok in the daylight and does not go up in flames.

the gallery below contains screen caps from the video above. Enjoy!

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Alexander Skarsgard GQ Photoshoot Video on iPad


The June 2001 edition of GQ features Alexander Skarsgard on the cover. For iPad owners you can download their app and view the video from the photoshoot. The video size for the screen is not large but at least there is something for fans to see (for those without an iPad). Huge thanks to Pb for uploading the video!

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