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True Blood Spoilers FaeLand Shakedown

The new sneek peek for True Blood’s season 4 showed fans a whole new side of FaeLand. Sookie Stackhouse is surprised to see her grandpa Earl there and how he is unaware that so much time has really passed.


One of the most touching moments for me was when Earl asks Sookie whether Gran’s passing was peaceful or not. As fans know her death was very unpeaceful and horrible. Earl has tears in his eyes and Sookie showed much kindness by lying to him that yes she had a peaceful end.


It must have hurt Sookie to lie to him but it was better that he not know the truth. That death is still one of the most gruesome ones I had ever seen on the show and yes I still miss Gran. Sookie starts to notice how odd it was that Earl had not realized how much time had passed. Just then she sees this creature walking through the crowds in FaeLand:



Sookie realizes that no one else is noticing the odd creature. The fruit must be masking the true “nature of the Fae”. She also notices that the fruit itself is not what it seems at first. The fruit is also “masking” it’s appearance. (oh and ewww yay who wants some maggot fruit now?)


Sookie starts to communicate with Earl using their shared gift of telepathy to warn him. Claudine “hears’ them when the word “trap” is mentioned. Cue Queen Mab making her grand entrance:


So now fans finally start to see the web Alan Ball is weaving with the Fae. Queen Mab is “harvesting” the humans who have fae blood to keep them away from the vampires. Sookie is blamed for having Bill discover their existence. Sookie tries to assure Mab that you can be danged sure she won’t let that happen again!

Queen Mab tries to force Sookie to eat the glowy fruit in order to keep her in control and that does not go so well for the Queen. The screen caps below answer the question raised in the earlier promo of “who does Sookie zap”.


Not only does she zap Queen Mab but her power also causes the “tree” that is the source of the fruit to also get zapped. That does not end well for all of FaeLand. Was it all an illusion? Or did Sookie’s power cause it all to come crumbling down?


The zapping not only effect the tree but yes Queen Mab:


The cap above shows Mab’s appearance start to change to it’s true nature. The walls of FaeLand look as if they are bleeding and the walls come crumbling down. So yes Sookie Stackhouse brings FaeLand  down!


It almost looked like Mab was part of the tree in the image above.


Buh Bye Orange Glow FaeLand! Hello Apocalyptic FaeLand! Yes all of a sudden we see the non colorized version of FaeLand.


Looks like someone's Godmother was using a whole lotta purdy-making makeup! LOL

(Ok Loved the makeup effects in this clip so far) The Fae holding Sookie are now shown in their true form. It also looked like Mab may have not been a female in some of the caps (the features almost appeared masculine). The new world is barren and colorless: Only Mab’s eyes seem to have color in this world.



Well with Orange Glow FaeLand in shambles Sookie and Earl look like they need to RUN!  It also looked like most of the Fae disappear when their true nature is shown. I could only see the female Fae that was holding Sookie trying to force her to eat the nasty fruit.


So the true plan has been revealed. So why did Queen Mab harvest the humans with Fae blood? Yes she said “Why” she was doing so but I don’t think that is the WHOLE STORY! Some season 4 episode summaries and later episodes show a bit of a “battle” will happen on the show. Perhaps the Fae will wage war on the Vampires! Oh waiting really really SUCKS now!

Another interesting item that a fan on the I heart Bookies facebook fan page pointed out was the “absence of light’ in the images. Claudine had said how Bill was trying to steal Sookie’s light! Queen Mab says how the vampires almost drained her kind dry-perhaps also they are able to steal their light! Sookie’s power shows a bright ray of light zapping. The Fae do not seem to possess that light and their land is barren. Are they also a different type of Fae? Sookie and Claudine could the the water Fae. Queen Mab may be a different “kind” (sky?)

Would love to hear from other fans on what they see! The gallery below will show all the caps.

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True Blood Season 4 New Video More Than Just a Tease?


Took another look at the three minute sneek peek for True Blood’s season 4 video on HBOGo and noticed a little bit more.

The FaeLand has many similarities to the mythology of having the “gods” living above in a Mt. Olympus setting. There are columns and some are shown looking down towards the other world:



The fae and his human "godchild" can be seen behind Lloyd looking down. (Fae Land is up in the clouds?)

I’m curious to see the areas of altars with urns and  stages. One woman  can be seen singing below:


The tree with the glowing fruit is another mystery. Will Alan Ball have this tree be something similar to a “tree of knowledge”  that bears the fruit of the gods? It does seem to bear a powerful almost addictive fruit. Will this fruit be an “ambrosia” of some sort?

In Greek mythology ambrosia is the food or drink (nectar)  of the gods that can confer an ageless immortality  upon whoever consumes it.  In the previews we have seen for True Blood’s season 4 we do see a lot of this glowing fruit and light colored drink. Perhaps this is the source of more power and Sookie is brought there to “strengthen” her powers. There was a mention of a time jump so while she is there the time on Bon Temps proceeds at a normal pace but in FaeLand the time seems to stand still. (the immortality aspect perhaps where aging seems to stop)

It also seems that the root/base of the tree is the source of the portal between the human world and the fae one. Claudine seems to be thanking those for helping them beam through and to “carry on”. Does the portal require extra energy/magic to work?


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO episode 1- Sookie and Claudine coming through the portal. The tree behind them-a portal source?



It does seem odd that someone would share the same piece of fruit.

Sookie does seem very apprehensive when she sees the effect the fruit has on the others who do eat it.

Another area of interest was the look on Claudine’s face when Barry mentions how this place is the only place where they don’t feel like freaks. I don’t think Claudine wanted Sookie to find out just yet that the others brought here also have special gifts/powers (of telepathy).


Claudine seems to be doing the "fake smile" here as if trying to cover up her worry that their "plan" may be found out too early.

The glowy fruit tree  itself is similar to the one in her flashback with Earl Stackhouse.


The portal on her property may have a link with that tree. The concept that the FaeLand is this mysterious realm and it seems to be “above” the earthly realm. Waiting sucks!

The galleries below contain screen caps from the three minute video. Lots more clues appear I’m sure. Alan Ball is great at teasing fans!

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