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Nerdist Presents: The Walking Dead Alternate Ending

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When Season 4 of The Walking Dead ended with our heroes locked inside a train car at the hand of the Terminus residents, the cliffhanger was almost too much to bear. But, as Nerdist News’s Jessica Chobot, Dan Casey and Malik Forté find out in the latest installment from Nerdist Presents, the suspense of waiting for Rick Grimes to speak may just be deadlier than the virus itself. Link to alternate ending:

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Nerdist Industries Premieres NERDIST PRESENTS: Superhero Talent Agents Today!

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Hulk, baby, we’re gonna make you a star!

Nerdist Presents is coming in hot with its latest sketch, Superhero Talent Agents. Cameras head inside the high-rise, high-powered offices of the Superhero Talent Agency (STA) for a look at what it’s really like to represent the world’s greatest superheroes. With cameos from an over-the-hill Golden Age Flash and an agitated Deadpool, David Neher (Community, New Girl) and Madeline Walter (CollegeHumor Originals) are exactly what you would hope for in a Super-Agent as they go to bat for their heavy-hitting clients while always looking out for numero uno…themselves. Continue reading