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Another New Showrunner for True Blood


Mark Hudis, who in May replaced departing creator-showrunner Alan Ball for the show’s upcoming sixth season, is being replaced himself. Writer-producer Brian Buckner, who has been with the vampire series since its first season, has taken over the position for the show’s not-yet-concluded season.

PHOTOS: HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Season 5 Stills

“Mark Hudis has stepped down as showrunner ofTrue Blood to focus on development under his overall deal with the network,” a spokesperson for the premium cable network said in a statement, referring to a two-year deal the writer-producer signed with the network last spring.

Ball announced he’d be leaving the series at the end of the show’s fifth season to focus his attention on since-renewed Banshee on cable cousin Cinemax. Hudis joined True Blood for the show’s fourth season as a co-executive producer and was upped to showrunner for season six. For his part, Buckner has been with the series since its inception.

Hudis, a celebrated writer whose credits include CybillThat ’70s Show and Nurse Jackie, suggested that the series, which had gone more global in scope during the fifth season, would bring the focus back to the Louisiana town of Bon Temps for the sixth.

Prior to his time on True Blood, Buckner worked on series including The Class, Friends and spinoff Joey.

For the rest of the article please click on the Source link below. Just what this all will mean to the show is what fans are asking. Why the change? Why mid season? No answers yet for the questions. Just hope the new season will be amazing and yes waiting still sucks (even more now with all the changes in show runner) I can’t help but think of Pam saying “blah blah showrunner emergency blah blah”



Mark Hudis Interview: Takes a Bite Out of True Blood Season 6

True Blood’s new showrunner, Mark Hudis was interviewed by Rebecca Raber for the Haverford College publication. (Mark is an alumni) He gave a few tidbits regarding True Blood’s season 6.

“It’s impossible to fill Alan Ball’s shoes,” says Hudis of his new gig. “That’s not false modesty, that the truth. The guy’s created two massive hit shows for HBO and has an Oscar (for American Beauty). Really this plan is in the air, and I just want to land it sadly.”

Ball’s “plane,” however is in good hands. Hudis, who has written for Nurse Jackie, That 70’s Show and Cybill, is part of a seven-person writing team that works democratically and by consensus to map out the best story-lines to engage the fans and be true to the characters’ journeys.


Season five ended with our normally human-friendly vampire hero Bill Compton drinking the blood of vampire savior Lilith, exploding and reconstituting into something evil. “Certainly he’s not going to be the Bill we know and love,” says Hudis of the character’s evolution next season. “He’s going to have more bite, no pun intended.”

What else can we expect? Following a season that dealt with more global issues (such as national vampire politics), Hudis wants to bring the action back to Bon Temps, the small Louisiana town that is home to the show’s central characters, and focus on telling fewer stories with more characters. (True Blood-ophiiles might also be interested to know that Sookie and Jason will spend the year searching for Warlow, the vampire that Sookie has been promised to.)


Gallery below contains page scans of the publication:

So what do you hope Mark Hudis does with Season 6 of True Blood? I like the idea of telling fewer stories but not so sure about the “more characters” part. The show is definitely not lacking in characters already. Waiting sucks! Filming has started at least !!