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True Blood Season 7 On Location Filming Photos Morrocan Flair

DSC_0025 (1)

True Blood season 7 filming started this week. Earlier in the week Stephen Moyer and Chris Bauer were spotted on location filming for the final season premiere episode.

photo-10Last night I was able to see the show filming in another location at a hotel in Los Angeles. The hotel was built in the 1920’s and was originally a YMCA. The decor is a Moroccan theme with vivid colors, detailed tile work and many Persian style rugs. (felt as if I were back in the Middle East where I lived for 2 years).

DSC_0028 (1)

This location seemed very suited for the action that was listed in the casting call for episode 7.01 titled “Jesus is Gonna Come”.

DSC_0029 (1)

The shots were interior ones towards the back of the hotel and also downstairs (those images are above).


It was great to see Kristin Bauer van Straten. When she saw us she came right over and was all smiles for our photos.


There was a car with a cute dog waiting with it’s owner and Kristin rolled down her window to say hi to the pup. She is such a big animal lover (and great activist for animal rights). The pup was so cute and was all wags and even ‘talked’ to her (cute little barks).

TBS79Spotted Audrey Fisher busily putting the finishing touches on the wardrobes of the many extras on location. She really out did herself with all the different looks for this episode. There were a few extras milling around and came over to us. It was fun seeing them break character with us and then go into their ‘character’ and speak a few words of Arabic.

Saw a few other possible spoilers so I won’t post about them yet. They work so hard on the show I don’t want to ruin all the action. It will be sad to see the show in the final season. Waiting sucks but at least they are busy filming now!

The gallery below contains photos from the on location filming for 01/08/14. The images with watermark are the ones I took. There are a few from the hotel website that I included to show some of the areas we were unable to see due to the filming.

UPDATE:  This actor was seen at the location. Could not tell what his role was but sure it was a vampire one. Found this on tumblr stating that he has been cast as Nizor : Not confirmed if he is playing Nizor but I can see that part for him.  imdb has him listed as playing Nizor for the True Blood season 7 premiere. I am not sure he will be in any other episodes (see casting call..)

Casting call stated:
[NIZOR] Male, Persian, late 30s to 50s. This burly vampire involved in a game of Russian roulette in a Moroccan bar derives courage and comfort from his faith in Allah…GUEST STAR

Massi Furlan cast as Nizor for True Blood season 7

Massi Furlan cast as Nizor for True Blood season 7


True Blood Season 6: Kristin Bauer Ready To Slip into Pam’s Wardrobe

Huffington Post chatted with Kristin Bauer van Straten on True Blood season 6. Kristin mentions that she has had her first wardrobe as Pam. I am looking forward to seeing what her character wears next season!

From Huffington Post: source:

“True Blood” star Kristin Bauer stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss the show’s upcoming Season 6 with host Alyona Minkovski. Bauer said the cast will start filming in January.

“I had my first wardrobe fitting today, which for Pam is such a huge part of my character,” she shared. “And it’s like Christmas for me.”

Bauer also gave fans a glimpse of what happens behind the show’s graphic blood and gore.

“If you ever saw the making of ‘True Blood,’ if they ever sort of wanted to ruin it for the fans,” Baer said, “if I look right there, at what the camera is seeing, it looks kinda creepy. But then if I just look to the side, there’s some construction guys in flannel and boots with gallons of blood labeled. It just becomes ridiculous. It’s really the magic of the movies.”



Kristin Bauer’s “Out of Africa” Documentary Kickstarter Project

Kristin Bauer will be traveling to Africa and will document her work there and record onto a DVD documentary:

From the kickstarter page link here:
I’m Kristin Bauer van Straten, aka Pam from “True Blood”, my husband and I are off to Africa to film a documentary about the people, the land, and the horrific Elephant Ivory and Rhino horn poaching that is at an all time high since it was banned in 1989.

I will be taking a camera crew to Kenya to ask Africans, the on the ground experts and heroes; what is happening, what the possible solutions are and, How can we help you? They are living this crisis and working very hard to stop it, they know what can be done – they just need a larger voice. Together is the only way elephants and rhino may make it and also the only way I will be able to do make this documentary. In the last six months 2 species of rhino have gone extinct and more are on the brink. I don’t think we can afford to wait to do something.

I have set the goal lower than what I need on this Kickstarter campaign because with Kickstarter it’s all or nothing. You make your goal or you get zero. But I am hoping to make it so much fun that we will make double, or triple our goal! Any purchase is help and support. This is a huge undertaking in every respect to take a camera crew all over Kenya to meet with the people of Kenya, the impressive experts and groups that are making such a difference ~ Like the orphange for elephant and rhino babies in Nairobi. We’ll interview experts in Amboseli, who are creating a network of over 100,000 people from many government agencies, working together to police the illegal trade in the parks, at the seaports and airports. We will also find out about the campaign in China to lessen the demand using a PSA campaign that shows a Mother elephant’s worried when her baby is so happy to be cutting her first “teeth” as Mom knows it could mean her death.

Every dollar helps! And help me spread the word about this movie and come back often…I will be adding incentives as I get more items from my cast mates and friends! The heroes in Africa really can’t do this alone and nether can I. I hope you will be inspired to come on this incredible journey of passion and love with my husband and me.

I’d love to find out how much fun we can have doing the right thing!

To find out more and also to see photos of the incentives visit www.OutForAfrica.com. Together all things are possible.

Much Love, Kristin and Abri

To donate and help out with this project please visit Kickstarter page link here:


The True Blood panel at Comic Con was definitely one of the fan favorites. My group started camping out for ballroom 20 at midnight and there were already many many fans there. It was well worth the exhaustion and lack of sleep!! Still editing the many photos I was able to take from the front row.

My friend got this photo from the screen showing Stephen pointing me out wearing the ‘awful yellow sweatshirt’ (as Pam said to Sookie!):

ComicCon 2012

I wore a yellow sweatshirt much like the one Kristin wore as Vampire Pam when she turned Tara. Yes the awful yellow sweatshirt. Kristin spotted me and the other cast as well saw me there. They asked me to stand up and I let them know I had 2 friends further back who also had them on. Alex was trying to spot them in the photo below:

the text below is from the San Jose Mercury News (but my photos)

The Saturday presentation at Comic-Con for HBO’s “True Blood” kicked off with a trailer teasing the remaining episodes of the campy HBO vampire series’ fifth season.

The fast-moving footage showed Lafayette (played by Nelsan Ellis) channeling spirits, newbie vampire Tara (Rutina Wesley) working as a burlesque dancer, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) going wild and old-school vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) seemingly sucking down on Sookie (Anna Paquin).

“True Blood” actors Paquin, Moyer, Wesley, and Woll were joined by their co-stars Alexander Skarsgard, Christopher Meloni, Kristin Bauer, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell and Joe Manganiello, as well as “True Blood” executive producer Alan Ball for the high-energy panel attended by more than 4,000 con-goers.

Other than the spoilery footage, the cast kept the biggest secrets about the current season under wraps. Paquin called the final scene in the fifth season finale “very, very crazy,” while Ball hinted that the audience will learn more about Sookie’s parents, and there would be three new romances.

“There’s also a lot of people having sex, but those don’t really count as romances,” Ball added.

The panel descended into a howling frenziness at several points during the hour-long presentation, including when “Magic Mike” co-star Manganiello empowered Ball and new cast member Meloni to perform the “body roll”. Ryan Kwanten was dared to walk on his hands across the stage inside a mammoth ballroom in the San Diego Convention Center.

Saturday’s panel ended with a standing ovation for Ball, who is stepping down as the showrunner of “True Blood” next season.

I will add my commentary as soon as I can. Some of my favorite moments were seeing Alex console Kristin when she started to cry talking about the scene where Eric releases Pam, How neither of them wanted to do that scene. Alex also blushed quite a bit when Joe was doing the body roll. When Christopher Meloni gave Alex his name tag, Alex planted a big ole kiss on his cheek. (he had blown a kiss to the fan who had asked Alex for his name tag).

It was fun to see the cast once again. Alex has some of the most amazing fans in the world! It was so worth the waiting on line since midnight  to get a great seat.

The images below are only a few of the ones I took. Have almost 600 photos from the True Blood panel. Please if you wish to use the images do not remove the watermark. I worked pretty long and hard to get these done. Thanks and can’t wait to finish the rest!!
UPDATE: one of my photos from the True Blood panel was published by OK Magazine- in their August 6, 2012 issue! Scan below:
[nggallery id=419]


Kristin Bauer Interview from THR Tidbit on True Blood Season 5

True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten will be on tonight’s episode of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”. Jethro from The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed Kristin and she gave a little tidbit on True Blood’s season 5. For the full interview please click here: THR


[box] Bauer van Straten is only currently booked for the one episode, but she might return in the future to take care of some unfinished business, which she says will become clear after Sunday’s episode. She’ll have to balance that return with shooting on Season 5 of True Blood starting sometime in November and the actress tells us that she just received the first script this past week. “It’s pretty exciting,” she says.

She tells THR that the first episode picks up right after Season 4’s finale where the witches are finally defeated and Pam’s maker Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) love for Sookie (Anna Paquin) has remained strong after the amnesia curse.

“Definitely going to be more forced interaction between Pam and Sookie, I feel,” she says. “That’s the impression I get. You know there are so many story lines that you only get a little tidbit each script.

But, I feel like Pam and Sookie are going to have to deal with each other.” True Blood returns to HBO next summer. Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.[/box]


Celebrate Kristin Bauer van Straten’s Birthday, Do Good, and Win Cool Stuff!


Kristin Bauer van Straten will celebrate her birthday next month! A way fans can honor this wonderful lady is by donating to a charity project -The Amanda Foundation. The great admins at True Blood Fan source contacted several other True Blood fan sites for help and here is an excerpt of the post at their site: (skarsgardfans is really happy to take part in this great cause!)

Because Kristin does do so many good things for other people, we here at True Blood Fan Source decided that it was time to do something good for her. We asked our friends at Eric Northman.net if they felt the same way and they agreed. It just so happens that Kristin has a birthday coming up on November 26th so we came up with the idea of donating to one of her causes as a way to celebrate her birthday and do something good at the same time. We then pitched the idea to other fansites such as Kristin Bauer Online, Alexander Skarsgård Fans, A Skarsgård.com, Allan Hyde News, Eric and Sookie Lovers, and Kristin Bauer Fans and they all agreed to help and spread the word.

So we told Kristin all of this and she said that the Amanda Foundation would benefit tremendously from any funds that we raise. The Amanda Foundation for those who don’t know, rescues dogs and cats from city facilities in Los Angeles and keeps them until they can find homes for them with new families.
The goal of this charity project which will begin October 26 and end on Kristin’s birthday, November 26th is to raise $5,000. So to encourage people to donate, we’ve arranged to give away some fabulous prizes!
* Kristin has graciously offered up autographs and copies of her husband Abri van Straten’s fabulous CD “Sunlight and Shadows” for three lucky donors.

For the full post and links on how fans can donate please click below:
Celebrate Kristin Bauer van Straten’s Birthday, Do Good, and Win Cool Stuff!.

Alexander Skarsgard Photos BlackBook Mag Party

BlackBook Magazine held their 15th anniversary launch party last night in NYC and Alexander Skarsgard was there. Kristin Bauer his True Blood co-star was also at the party. Great to see them having fun together! The link below contains the full article and more photos. Enjoy!

Alexander Skarsgard News – Alexander Skarsgard Parties With ‘True Blood’ Costar Kristin Bauer (PHOTOS) – Celebuzz.

True Blood Season 4 Posters Show Your Colors


HBO released their new posters for Season 4 of True Blood. These are titled “Show your Colors” and the three feature a color theme with different members of the cast from the show. The one above shows Eric Northman, (Alexander Skarsgard) , Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello). Sookie is the center of attention for the three men. I notice that Alexander has his right hand on Anna (all the other men have their left hand hmmm). The other two posters are below:


Pam and Jessica are BEAUTIFUL in this new poster! Jason is also amazing!


Tara, Sam and Lafayette all in white! (Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, and Nelsan Ellis)

Waiting sucks even more now after seeing the cast gearing up for the new season!


True Blood Season 4 Spoilers and Speculations with Casting Call Twists

Time seems to go quicker for me when I try to solve some of the puzzles that Alan Ball has been setting for fans waiting for Season 4 of True Blood. Here are some more of my speculations on True Blood’s fourth season. Thankfully the show will finally premiere on 6/26/11. The trailer videos, waiting sucks videos have teased fans but I still feel they also hold some important clues for fans. Here are some more of my guesses/observations based on the videos released to date by HBO.


The road looks like the one close to Sookie’s home (Sam was shown running down a similar path when he was trying to save Sookie from Rene in S1)

Joe Manganiello who portrays Alcide appears in the “Invitation to the Set” trailer in the image above. It looks like he is on or close to Sookie’s property. Casting call for episode 4.01 has this: [ERNESTO] In his 40s, brusque and irritable, he’s a contractor installing a new deck in someone’s house, and he doesn’t want to get in any trouble with his foreman…4 lines, 2 scenes Could this be why Alcide is in Bon Temps? Perhaps Bill is paying to repair Sookie’s house which was still a mess for all of Season 3 after the Maenad mess of Season 2? Some of the spoiler images from Sookie’s home do show her home in a much better condition.

Another possibility is that Alcide’s crew is working on the major renovations to Bill’s home and office that was featured in the Waiting Sucks video #4 where we see a whole new office for Mr. Compton.  It does look like the doors in the image below show doors that open out to a deck.


Bill Compton’s revamped office. From invitation to the set video. Episode 4.04 per waiting sucks video 4. Doors open out to a deck/balcony.

On the topic of Mr. Bill Compton and why he is in that new office. Could he also be holding a higher office in the vampire hierarchy. It might be possible that he still holds the sheriff of Area 2 positiion. He was offered that position  by King Russell Edginton in Season 3 in exchange for information on Queen Sophie Anne LeClerq. With the King “cemented” by Eric and Bill in the Season 3 finale, Bill  could still be acting in that Sheriff role?  One question I also wonder if we will have an answer for is whether  Bill  will have to answer for trying to “cement” Eric? Without a Magister to adjudicate the Tribunal perhaps Nan Flanigan will be involved.  Yes I know more questions than answers for now.

There was a casting call for episode 4.05 for a  GUARD Male, 30s, one of Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) guards, he is frustrated by a video game on his cellphone…1 line, 1 scene . Why would Bill have a guard? Is he the one being protected? Or is he the one in trouble? In the same casting call there is a call for: SHERIFF 1 AND SHERIFF 2] 30s – 40s, male, these snickering vampire sheriffs, under Bill’s purview, disagree with his decision regarding a witch’s fate…1 line, 1 scene Is this perhaps a flashback scene? Wonder which witch is the one receiving his decision?

There was also a Casting call for True Blood’s episode 4.04 [CAROLINE BELLEFLEUR] In her 70s, Caucasian, formidable, refined, and beautifully dressed, she is Portia’s (Courtney Ford) grandmother who dislikes vampires but warms to Bill’s charm. Guest Star. The character of Portia in the books did have a brief romantic involvement with Mr. Compton. They had one date I believe.  (Perhaps Bill Compton tries dating Portia in season 4 on True Blood to make Sookie jealous?)

In the “Invitation to the Set” video we see a flashback scene with a priest.  In the prior blog entry “Deeper Clues” I wrote:

There are women who appear to be praying/chanting. I believe this scene is for the flashback scene that is mentioned in casting call for episode 4.05 which called for a “Head priest” seen in a flashback to 1610, he instigates the burning of a witch at a medieval church, and he clearly takes pleasure in describing the procedure. The images show a flash of light perhaps he is performing an exorcism and also burning the witch? Marnie’s character is supposed to be possessed by the spirit of a powerful witch. Could this flash back be showing fans where that very same powerful witch met her demise

The screen cap below seems to show that action:


A head priest for the scene set in  1610. It made me wonder why where they so specific on the time in the casting call? Well the Spanish Inquisition was going on during that time. (in Spain during 1609-10 – The Spanish Inquisition expels the Moors, Spain’s most learned & faithful subjects, thus weakening Spain) In True Blood’s  Season 1 episode 10, during the tribunal scene the Magister mentioned being around for that time frame. He specifically mentions being trained in the Inquisition. The video below shows the scene: at the time mark 1:29 he says “Do you question my authority? I am the magister. I was trained in the Inquisition and I am the adjudicator for every vampire territory in North America! As the humans say, the humans you love more than your own kind, back your sh@t down! (ok..one of my favorite lines ever!) Is there a possiblity that fans may once again see the Magister in that flashback scene? Could he have been responsible in part for the Vampire Priest that was shown in casting call?

The whole question of having Marnie being possessed by the spirit of a powerful witch started me on that idea. Why would a powerful witch (who was probably the one being exorcised/put to death by the priests in 1610) come to Lousiana? Was she haunting the Magister? Was the spirit of the necromancer called by King Russell to “reanimate” his beloved Talbot?  Perhaps Russell also wanted her to harm Eric? (since he was the one who killed Talbot) It could all just be coincidence but I found it odd that the time frame of 1610 was used and shown in the casting call for a scene from what is probably the Inquisition. There is rarely just a coincidence in Mr. Ball’s world. The Magister boasted of having been trained in the Inquistion. There is a tie in somewhere! (still looking).

And yes I know I did write that perhaps Bill Compton had a role in having Eric visit the Moon and Goddess Emporium and perhaps setting him up to be “spellbound”. Bill could still be wishing Eric out of the way since he has had Sookie’s blood?  Perhaps Mr. Compton is also  still mad at Eric for his role in having Sookie find out the  true purpose for being  in Bon Temps. His “cementing” attempt was not successful since Eric was able to call Pam to rescue him. (Bill had mimicked Eric’s voice and called an assassin to kill Pam but the assassin was instead killed by Pam).  Bill might also save his hide by reminding Eric that he only had Russell’s fangs and he did not actually have the King meet his final death (he could hold that over Eric’s head).

Another possible tie in might also be with the “creepy dolls” that were shown in the Season 3 finale at Hoyt and Jessica’s house. blog entry here: where I discuss how it looked like that doll was shown in the Waiting Sucks video # 6 with Terry and Arlene. Perhaps the doll that was left behind in the home Hoyt belonged to  a witch and somehow the doll is possessed by the powerful spirit? There is a flashback scene called for in season 4 episode 4.06 calling for a character of Mavis set in the 1930’s. Perhaps Mavis was a witch or owned the home and the doll holds a spirit?

Last few observations:

I know I’m being picky here but in the first “Waiting Sucks” video featuring Eric (shirtless and disheveled on the side of the road) why does the voice setting up the action say “a blonde man” instead of a “blonde vampire”? I know picky picky. Just wonder if Alan Ball is using the necromancer term to the fullest extent. (mentioned in the  moments and also in the deeper clues entry )

One question I do hope is answered in another teaser video is “where is Steve Newlin”?  In the video that was shown at Paley Fest a group of protestors are giving Hoyt a rough time and calling him a “fangbanger”. In that video one of the protestors outside of Fangtasia is holding up a sign with that same question.


Waiting sucks video 2- Luna and Sam

In the second Waiting Sucks video we see Sam and Luna. Luna says her ex is a were wolf. Could this ex be a female? I noticed in  the casting call for  episode 4.1  the character of :NAOMI In her 20s, Asian-American, she’s a fierce fighter who participates in underground cage matches for money. Outside the arena, however, she has a loving relationship with one of her female opponents…RECURRING – Actress must have martial arts or fighting experience. It was just something in the way Luna said her ex and how Sam said “someone like me”. Did he mean a shifter or the fact that he was a man?

Just an observation:


Invitation to the Set screen cap- The pulleys behind Jim look like the ones for Sookies home.

Looks like Jim Parrack was seated on the other side of the set that is used for “Sookie’s home” including her bedroom and BATHROOM.  Inside True Blood blog posted an image that showed what looks like those same pulleys. (image below)

Hopefully soon we will get another trailer/teaser/whatever True Blood video! Love to hear what other fans see in these images or if they have other ideas. UPDATE: Gianna Sobol posted on the Inside True Blood blog that the set was closed for filming (nudity?) Guess we know what scene this is for!! 4.08! Spellbound!

True Blood Kristin Bauer Attending Chicago Comics and Entertainment Con

dsc_0695‘True Blood star Kristin Bauer stops by Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. The HBO series True Blood imagines a world in which vampires have come out of the shadows. They advocate for their rights, run for public office. And some take humans as lovers. Or pets.

The show is set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, and the title references the name of the synthetic blood that some vampires drink instead of human blood. Wisconsin native Kristin Bauer plays Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, one of the vampires on the show. She joined Eight Forty-Eight from her home in L.A.

This weekend, Bauer will be attending the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo at McCormick Place. SOURCE

PaleyFest 2011 Guide For Fans Part 1

PaleyFest will soon be here! Seems like yesterday when they announced that True Blood will once again take part in the William Paley S. Paley Festival. (ok it wasn’t yesterday but actually announced on 12/15/10). True Blood fans may remember that the show was previously featured at PaleyFest in 2009. (4/13/09).

What is PaleyFest?

Named for William S. Paley, founder of both the Paley Center and CBS, the annual William S. Paley Television Festival celebrates television programming and the creative process behind the medium. The Festival has been held for the last 27 years. Paley Fest is a two-week event that features various television shows with different panel every evening. The panels include members of the show’s cast and creative team (producer, writers). The  line up of shows has been announced but as of this writing the actual cast and attendees have not been released. So far only the Walking Dead panel attendees has been released. For True Blood the only confirmed attendees are:
Sam Trammell
Kristin Bauer
Alexander Skarsgard
(he was the first one confirmed)

UPDATE 2/17/11 Just released: The following will also be attending:

Alan Ball

Anna Paquin

Stephen Moyer!

When is PaleyFest 2011?
Paley Fest 2011 is set for March 4-18, 2011 (The True Blood PaleyFest Panel is being held on Saturday March 5th)

Where will it be held?

All of the panels will be held at The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA. Saban Theater website link here: The theater was formerly called “Wilshire Beverly Hills Theater” and it is located at:
8440 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA

The seats are by section. There is no assigned seating (just a section is listed on the ticket). So this means that seating is on a first come first serve basis within seating area designated on the ticket.. Only premium ticket holdera are allowed in the “Pit” section closest to the stage. (there are only 44 seats in this section believe me well worth the price of the ticket!).

Here is the seating chart for The Saban Theater:

The seating capacity of the theater is a total of 1898 seats broken out below by sections. There will be Paley Volunteers to help fans get to their seats and figure out where they need to go if needed (plus also to keep fans from trying to sneak into a section not on the ticket they hold)

By section/Row#/number of seats:
Pit: rows AA-BB: 42 seats (rows 1 and 2) NOTE: These rows have been removed for Paley (to make room for the stage)
OrchestraFront: rows:CC-FF :120 seats(rows 3-6)
Orchestra:  rows GG-E:264 seats (rows 7-13)
Orchestra Rear: F-S :491 seats (rows 14-25)

Mezzanine AA-EE (overhangs orchestra row K) 197 Seats
Balcony Front: A-L 400 Seats
Balcony Rear: M-V: 384 seats

What will fans see at PaleyFest?
First let me state-Paley is not as insane as ComicCon. I spent over 12 hours in the same ballroom just to keep my seat in order to see the True Blood panel. (no assigned seating or areas at ComicCon and not super organized!).
Line ups for the 2009 True Blood panel I remember started very very early (some fans were on line by 9 am).
The Saban Theater is larger than the Arclight theater where PaleyFest 2009 was held  (The Saban  holds over 1800 seats double the ArcLight capacity) There will be large monitor behind the panel to help with viewing even if the seats are not close to the stage. Here is an image from PaleyFest 2010 that show the large screen behind the panel:

Panels start with an introduction from the panel moderator. Then there will be either a screening of the show or a highlight reel. For the 2009 True Blood panel, fans saw a snippet of Season 2 featuring Sookie and the first glimpse into the Maenad. After the screening, the moderator will ask the panel questions followed by a brief fan Q&A session.

Will fans be able to get autographs?

At the end of the panel, the cast/writers usually stay around for 10 minutes to sign items and or take photos with fans. There is no guarantee that they will stay at all to sign things but they have in the past. Make sure if you want an autograph-bring something for them to sign. (or you can have them sign your PaleyFest program they most likely won’t have time to personalize the autograph ) Decide who you want to have sign your item. You may ponly have time to get a couple of signatures.  Please DON”T RUN TO THE FRONT OF THE STAGE when the panel is over! Walk , be polite, don’t shove or push other fans just to worm your way up their. I know the opposite of this has already been posted on other sites but for everyone’s safety-Don’ RUN! I was stuck in a crush of fans in 2009 and it was definitely scary. I was seated in the second row center at the Arclight and was unable to get to the front of the stage. (I did not want to risk damage to my camera) I got the heck out of the way and went to the side and wound up with amazing photos of the cast signing autographs instead. You need to be polite and not super pushy or belligerent  when asking for autographs! If the security guards see any safety risks or issues for the attendees they will rush them off the stage. I found a cool online site that has an extensive selection of TV posters and cast photos. I would recommend a smaller sized poster ie the 11X17 size instead of a huge one. The smaller size is easier to travel with and may not get damaged dealing with the crowds. The Walking Dead posters and True Blood poster and cast photos are pretty cool. The image below has a link to their site:

The photo below is one of my favorite photos from that night. I was able to get some great shots of Alexander Skarsgard signing items for his fans. He was last one to leave the stage.

Photo Credit: ©2009 B.Henderson

Mishmash blog  has a great write-up and timeline of the 2010 PaleyFest panel for Cougar Town. The photos there also give you an idea of how crowded it can get around the stage. Mishmash write up and photo gallery link found here:

Here are some great write-ups and links from the True Blood panel at PaleyFest held in 2009.

PaleyFest 2009 Video of True Blood panel at Paley site

LaIst write up:

LAist.com write up of the True Blood Panel (great blog to follow on Twitter :@TheTVJunkie)

Futoncritic write up of True Blood panel from PaleyFest 2009

Fear.net write up of PaleyFest 2009 True Blood panel (they also had a camera crew for the panel and got some great footage of the fans lined up for the True Blood panel

I wound up taking a photo of this fan with her friend in the theater before the panel started. She wrote about her experience for TrueBlood.net at the True Blood panel. Here is a link to her write-ups. (the first link has the photo I took of them)



I hope this helps answer any questions you may have for PaleyFest 2011. If not please leave your question in the comments section and I’ll get an answer for it posted. Stay tuned for Part 2 of PaleyFest 2011 Guide where I will cover how to plan and make sure you can get some great photos at the event . Just a reminder–NO FLASH is allowed when taking photos during the event. Also NO VIDEO IS ALLOWED. Yes I know there will be tons of fans taping but taping is against Paley rules. Paley is a non-profit organization and they do tape the panels and release DVD’s for sale. The 2009 True Blood panel at PaleyFest was offered as a package with Season 2 DVD set sold at Target.